Surrey Police case study: cloud hosting solutions

BT provides data centre solutions for Surrey Police

​Thames Valley, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex Police forces have saved money on their ICT spend using our Regional Public Network


Surrey benefits from a highly secure cloud-based datacentre

As public sector reform continues to drive change and demand more efficiencies across all Government departments including public protection, one of the country’s leading Police forces has been weighing-up the benefits of adopting “cloud-based” data centre hosting services.

Surrey Police have already delivered substantial savings in the running of their ICT services but they realised that eventually they will face the “law of diminishing returns”. They faced a future of having to deliver more efficiency savings whilst the demands for new technology continued to drive end-user demand ever higher. They needed to evolve to survive and keep pace with future technological changes.

Within BT Global Services the Government and police market unit who focus specifically on these sectors, was aware of these challenges and had developed a new secure data centre hosting service that addressed the key issues. Surrey Police were quick to see the benefits the solution would bring to its current ICT challenges. At the heart of BT’s proposal was a “platform as a service” offering allowing the Force to create a new secure and virtual platform in BT’s secure cloud.

At the heart of Surrey’s requirements is the need to deliver their current hosting services more cheaply without compromising on security. BT’s service addresses this by delivering a highly secure cloud-based solution encompassing 24x7 proactive service monitoring and round the clock protective monitoring creating a highly secure and auditable service platform.

The videos below feature Paul Brimacombe, Surrey Police, sharing his views on the benefits the force is gaining from the initiative

The lead time for creating a virtual machine means we’re now able to do in less than 24 hours, what used to take us six weeks.

- Paul Brimacombe, Technical Services Manager, Surrey Police

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