BT takes the heat out of contact centre credit card payments

Protecting customer credit card details is incredibly important for all businesses. Without customer trust in your payment process, payments will evaporate.  A cloud-based security solution from BT guarantees the security of Baxi Heating’s card payments.

Businesses taking credit card payments must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which makes sure that the customer’s card details stay safe.

‘We believe that just focusing on data security alone isn’t enough’, says Terry Wilcox, Baxi Heating IT Manager. ‘The customer experience must also feel simple and safe’.

So when Baxi Heating needed a payment solution that would meet their PCI DSS commitments at the same time as keeping their customers happy, they turned to BT. We supplied the company with our BT Cloud Contact PCI solution, which keeps the customer’s card details secure by effectively bypassing the contact centre.

Here’s how it works.

When a customer wants to pay by card, instead of taking the card details directly the contact centre agent places the call into ‘Secure Mode’. The customer enters their card details on their phone keypad, which transfers the details to a cloud-based payment system, bypassing the agent. And because the agent doesn’t get sight of any sensitive information, the process is less open to fraud and the business faces fewer restrictions in the contact centre.

‘Customers immediately feel it’s more trustworthy and secure, as well as making for a more efficient payment process,’ says Terry Wilcox.

Download the case study to get more details.

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