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​Transforming local government by helping to improve services and reduce costs.

Millions of people rely on essential public services, but their needs are changing. People are living longer. Demand for social care is rising. More people need more resources. And increasingly, many of us are choosing to communicate using social media. Local government organisations are looking for new approaches to help them improve and manage customer relationships; collaborate with colleagues, partners, and suppliers; integrate health and social care programmes; and achieve efficiency and cost savings.

We believe that technology has a role as a facilitator of the transformation needed to meet these challenges. We chose the word ‘facilitate’ carefully, because the real power is in what our technology helps people to do: make lives better.

Transform your organisation, services and delivery

Today’s always-on, want-it-now world is being driven by mobilisation. People want the ability to work wherever, whenever, and however it makes sense. But they need the devices and technology that can help them to collaborate so they can balance their workload, manage their diaries, and stay productive.

Fully integrated communications are your first step towards increasing collaboration. You’ll have the tools and technology that make it easier to work with your colleagues, partners and suppliers, and engage your citizens and communities.

Bringing together your voice, video, and data over a single network can help to make your communications work harder.

Create better relationships

Collaborative technologies support teamwork by allowing staff to interact in real-time. People can send messages and share files. Pool expertise and make faster decisions. Meet deadlines and roll out projects faster and more successfully.

  • Mobile workers have the flexibility to work from multiple locations.
  • They can access the same resources and information easily and securely.
  • Video conferencing allows people to meet face-to-face from wherever they are, helping to improve relationships while saving the time and cost of travel.

New ways for citizens to contact you

Fully integrated communications can also help you to develop more interactive relationships with your citizens.

  • You can offer a choice of ways for citizens to contact you and share their opinions.
  • Their feedback can help your local government organisation to provide more relevant, customer-led services and insight-driven services.
  • As well as being easier to do business with, you can lower the cost per transaction for a range of services.

Creating smarter places

Harnessing local data to enable local government to make better improved decisions, such as synchronising public transport systems and managing everything from traffic flows to waste, affords huge opportunities to transform services.

So-called smart cities (Milton Keynes, for example),have the potential to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, through initiatives such as solar powered community energy banks and smart control of lighting and heating.

At BT, we’re working on a number of exciting initiatives to open up new possibilities.

Health and social care integration

It’s our belief that technology has a role to play in integrating health and social care – a key aim of sustainability and transformation plans.

We can help you:

  • Integrate health and social care systems to allow interoperability.
  • Use predictive analytics to spot people who are in danger of becoming ill so you can make plans for their health and social care.
  • Give you the tools to collaborate, and deliver an integrated care plan and pathway.

We’re already helping a number of organisations to meet these challenges through the appropriate use of technology.

Share information safely and securely

Heathcare organisations have a duty to protect patients’ data. You need to look at the way you collect, process and store information to make sure you comply with regulations. You also have a duty to protect data from ever increasing cyber-attacks and security breaches. Protect your highly sensitive information with BT Security.

It’s not just our network

Whatever you want from your connectivity, our market-leading network services can connect you to your patients, colleagues, suppliers, and the world. Designed as the foundation for a unified communications strategy, our fixed, mobile and wi-fi reach allows you to bring your voice, video, mobile, and conferencing services together, effortlessly.

But that’s only half the story. Our experience in working with healthcare organisations is extensive. We have the knowledge, people and know how to help you to transform how you deliver services.

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