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BT's heritage as a Public Sector organisation means that it comes naturally to us to empathise with Government departments and agencies.

We appreciate that the Government needs to not only deliver citizen-focused services to an ever more demanding population, but to do so with increased efficiency and at less cost.

It might surprise you that we don’t believe that technology is the main element. Yes, it’s important but it’s what that technology enables that counts. We believe our role is to work with you, our customers, to deliver outcomes that matter to your organisation, your employees, and the public. Leaving you to focus on the job you need to do.

Delivering better service whilst reducing cost

The financial challenges that the UK Government has faced over the past few years are unprecedented, forcing cost-cutting measures upon already pared-down services. And now the Government is facing new challenges – continuity of services to those in need as we prepare to leave the EU. For all departments, it’s probably fair to say that there are immense challenges ahead.

We at BT believe we can help you meet those challenges head on – working with you to help gain efficiencies, and deliver savings while improving delivery of your services.

Enabling your people, wherever they need to be

By giving your teams the right tools with access to the right data where and when they need it, departments and agencies can increase their productivity and service levels at the same time. They can also deliver against the requirements of major programmes such as Smarter Working/The Way We Work (TW3), an initiative we’ve been pleased to be a major supporter of for a number of years.

Collaborating effectively across departments and agencies

Increasing cooperation and collaboration between departments and agencies is becoming critical to the effective delivery of services, but it needs to be done in a manner that acknowledges differing needs and the inherent security issues. We’re already enabling the health sector to share key information, which is delivering better patient outcomes and, in many cases, saving costs as well. Many of you are working on digital enablement programmes, to unlock and use more effectively both the information and the digital channels that are now available to you.

Interacting with the public across multiple channels

Making effective use of alternative channels not only helps you to meet the demands and requirements of the public, it can also substantially reduce the costs and resource requirements of engaging people. Talk to us about how we can help you to make the most of interacting with the public across multiple channels.

Protecting against the threat of cyber attack

With cyber-crime on the rise and attacks becoming more complicated by the day, the protection of public services and citizen data is paramount.

We have over 2,500 people in our security practice, helping organisations from both the private and public sectors all over the world defeat cyber-security threats. As one of the world’s leading cyber-security organisations, you can be confident that we can help you to proactively protect your organisation from security breaches and complex threats.


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