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EE’s superfast 4G network is helping save lives in London



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London Air Ambulance (LAA) case study

EE is supporting the LAA technology infrastructure

London is one of the world’s busiest, most congested cities and the LAA is the UK’s busiest air ambulance service. Their region covers 620 square miles and is on call 24/7 for accidents, medical incidents, terrorist attacks and more.

Time is crucial

Every second counts for the LAA. The time spent getting airborne and reaching a patient can literally be a matter of life and death. The 4G network of our partners EE is helping the LAA work faster than ever. And make smarter, life-saving decisions.

What could a faster 4G network do for your business?

At the recent RootMetrics awards, EE was named the UK’s No.1 network – for the fifth year running. With 90% (and growing) geographic 4G coverage of the UK, they bring superfast data and crystal-clear HD voice to more places than any other network.

Whether you need to use business-critical apps on the move, or keep all your people connected with the latest collaborative tools, you can rely on EE’s network for better business performance.

Working faster can give your business the competitive edge, even if it isn’t life-and-death. So if you want to get ahead, call 0800 345 7984 today.