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 London Air Ambulance case study

London Air Ambulance – 4G in action

Check out our video above and meet the team from London Air Ambulance. For them, having a reliable network is a matter of life and death, and our 4G helps them find and treat their patients fast. If ever there was a need for speed, it’s here.

Coverage where it's most needed

With over 18,500 cell sites, we now cover over 90% of the UK geography for voice and data. And almost every one now runs superfast 4GEE.

With our 4G network you’ll be able to:

  •  make crystal-clear calls from over 90% of the UK
  •  do more while on the move with superfast data speeds
  •  seamlessly switch from Wi-Fi Calling indoors to 4G Calling outdoors

4G+. Like fibre for your phone

With 4G+, you can get twice the speed of some other 4G networks. So your business can be on the double – literally. It comes as standard for all corporate 4G customers. And it’s now available in 72 cities and other hotspots across the UK. We’ve got one eye on the future, too. We’re investing in 5G to bring your business mobile and fixed networks even closer.


More 4G connections every day

Our 4G network is growing all the time. We’re investing £2 billion by 2020. In fact, in the last year alone businesses have been able to benefit from 105 brand new sites across Scotland, north Wales and northern England. That’s 12,000 square kilometres of mobile ‘not spots’ filled.


Be in control indoors

For those places that 4G simply can’t cover there’s:


  • Wi-Fi Calling – We offered the first network that lets you make calls wherever there’s wi-fi. So you can have a chat in a hotel, at a café, or even on the Tube. You just need a 4GEE plan.
  • Bespoke coverage solutions – We’re serious about keeping your business fully covered in any office building. Speak to our experts about getting connected.