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Detect and respond to rogue drones before they become a threat

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How safe are your skies?

Drones are empowering industry and creating new opportunities. But with millions taking flight worldwide, incidents involving rogue drones entering your airspace – accidentally or otherwise – are only going to increase. You need to protect against threats to privacy, security and public safety.

Our multi-sensor technology can help you determine if a drone is a danger, and pinpoint it before it becomes a problem. With a 5km range and offering 360-degree coverage, Counter Drone Solutions from BT can monitor your surroundings and send early warnings. So you can identify and track threats more easily.

It all comes with round-the-clock support from a name you can trust. With Counter Drone Solutions from BT behind you, you’ll always be ready to respond. Fast.

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How Counter Drone Solutions from BT can help you

From preventing airport disruption to stopping businesses being hacked. We’ll assess your site for risks, and tailor our detection system to you.

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A smarter way to track drones

We’ve developed Counter Drone Solutions from BT with DroneShield, a world leader in drone detection and disruption technology.

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With rogue drone incidents on the rise, find out how we can provide security that goes above and beyond for your organisation.

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