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Street Hubs – Frequently asked questions

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Street Hubs are cutting-edge payphone upgrades that keep communities connected. They offer a host of free services, including ultrafast Wi-Fi, rapid device charging, a dedicated 999-call button, council services, free UK landline and mobile calls, and two high-definition digital displays used for public service announcements and advertising. We work closely with councils during rollout to help those who live in, work in or visit these places get the most from the digital services at their fingertips.

For councils

How does BT fund Street Hubs?

Street Hubs come at no cost to the taxpayer, national or local. Deployment and maintenance of Street Hubs are funded by revenue from advertising on the digital displays.

What happened to the InLink from BT?

In December 2019, BT acquired the digital street unit assets from InLink Limited.

Is the Wi-Fi filtered?

Our Wi-Fi experience is designed to be consistent with the content filters used by UK internet service providers (ISPs) to ensure safety and child protection while using Wi-Fi in a public space.

Do Street Hubs have sensors?

Not as standard, but they can be added to capture data such as air and noise pollution, outdoor temperature and eventually traffic conditions. This could be used for exciting new ‘smart’ services for local councils and communities based on the Internet of Things.

Who owns this fibre network?

Street Hub is owned and managed by BT.

How often is Street Hub’s hardware updated?

Technology changes in the blink of an eye, so Street Hubs are custom-built to keep up with the latest technologies and user experience trends with a modular design and updates through the network.

How can I get Street Hubs in my council area?

Email us at to learn more about bringing Street Hubs to your area.

For the public

How much does it cost to use a Street Hub?

Street Hubs provides a free digital service. Ultrafast Wi-Fi, council services via the touchscreen tablet, device charging, and calls to UK landline and mobile phones – all free. International and premium rate phone calls can also be made using a calling card.

How can I charge my mobile device at a Street Hub?

Simply plug your charger cable into one of the two fast-charging USB ports located below the headphone jack. These ports are power only, and cannot transfer data to or from a Street Hub.

How can I make a free phone call from a Street Hub?

You can make free phone calls to anywhere in the UK, including mobiles, using the touchpad on the tablet or directly using the keypad.

To make a call using the tablet:

  1. Tap the screen and choose ‘Make a Call’ on the tablet screen
  2. Dial the number you wish to call on the touchscreen
  3. Tap the green handset button to start the call
  4. When you finish your call, press the red handset button to hang up.

To make a call using the keypad:

  1. Dial the number you wish to call on the keypad
  2. Tap the green handset button on the bottom right of the keypad to start the call
  3. When you finish your call, press the red handset button above the ‘Call’ button to hang up.

Need to adjust the call volume? Use the plus (+) and minus (-) or up and down buttons on the keypad (depending on the unit) to turn the volume up or down. You can also plug in your headphones for more privacy.

Can I make an international phone call from a Street Hub?

Yes, you can make an international call using any international calling card with a UK number. Just follow the instructions on your card.

How can I make an emergency call from a Street Hub?

In an emergency, push the red 999 button twice to connect to the emergency operator.

What is ultrafast Wi-Fi?

With speeds up to one gigabit, Street Hub Wi-Fi is most likely the fastest you’ve ever experienced, with no data caps or annoying ads.

Will I always receive a gigabit of bandwidth when I access the Wi-Fi?

Not always, many factors can affect the real bandwidth available to a connected device. Among these are the number of devices connected, individual device performance, radio interference in the environment from wireless or other electronic devices, and the speed of the services being accessed. It’s rare to get the full gigabit, but by providing a gigabit network we’re ensuring the best possible performance for all.

How many people can use Wi-Fi at one Street Hub hotspot before the Wi-Fi speed slows down?

A Street Hub can support hundreds of users simultaneously up to 100 or 150 metres from each unit. Performance depends on the activity, and the network is always shared equally with all connected users.

What kind of tablet and tablet functionality does Street Hub provide?

Street Hubs have an integrated custom Android tablet, providing users with free access to council services, charity information, maps, weather and free UK national landline and mobile phone calls.

Which local services can I access on a Street Hub?

This will vary depending on the services available online from local councils and charities.

How secure is Street Hub Wi-Fi?

Any personal information that we store about users is encrypted – your email address cannot be read without a special key. This is the most effective way to secure data. As with any public Wi-Fi network, we recommend that you always look for the secure lock symbol on your browser bar if you are transmitting any sensitive information.

What safety precautions do you recommend when using the Street Hub service?

As always, be vigilant while using personal devices on the street or using the free Street Hub tablet. Be mindful of your surroundings and use your device’s security features just in case your device happens to fall into the wrong hands.

I forgot to end my session before I stopped using a Street Hub tablet, what do I do?

Street Hub tablet sessions time out after 30 or 45 seconds of inactivity, wiping all user sessions clean.

How does Street Hub use my personal data?

Street Hub is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We do not hold or share your data. Our Privacy Notice is available if you would like to know more.

For business

How can I advertise on a Street Hub?

We’ve partnered with our Global team to provide outdoor advertising for 500 Street Hubs across the UK. If you’d like to enquire about this, please contact Global at:

How do I contact Street Hub?

We’re excited to hear from you. Drop us an email at, or call us 24 hours on 0800 661 610.