COVID-19 – Supporting propositions & capabilities

We’ve put together a list of BT service offers, to inform you how we can help assist some of the initiatives and plans being put in place to minimise the effects of COVID-19 within government organisations.

Connecting key workers & an agile workforce

BT Enterprise Broadband

Network Services 2 (RM3808)

Search for supplier ID RM3808-COVID19-L1-BT0100 via the Network Services 2 Basware catalogue

BT Enterprise Broadband (EBB) is designed for organisations that have multiple sites and/or key remote workers in the UK. EBB is a popular choice with buyers needing to connect their people to the internet and intranet from multiple sites (including homeworking locations). 

EBB is an affordable, flexible service that offers unlimited downloads and allows connection moves and changes throughout the call-off contract period. This is supported by a secure web portal called ‘The Workplace’, which enables the buyer to order and manage moves and changes – so adding new sites and order tracking is easy. 

Key tools & devices for an agile workforce

BT Agile Worker

Network Services 2 (RM3808)

Search for supplier ID RM3808-COVID19-L10-BT0101 via the Network Services 2 Basware catalogue

BT Agile Worker is a scalable, unified communications and collaboration service ideal for an organisation with an agile workforce to extend a corporate environment to users, allowing collaboration on any device, any time. You can improve workforce productivity by giving agile workers access to a range of tools and apps they may need wherever they are. Consists of EE mobile voice & data services, conferencing facilities and mobile broadband (can be SIM only or additionally include technology fund for hardware/devices).

Grant secure access to your agile workforce

Mobile Secure Access Cloud

G-Cloud 12 (RM1557.12)

Click for details - service ID 182733375964979

BT Mobile Secure Access Cloud is a customer facing secure socket layer virtual private network service (SSL-VPN), allowing customers to securely access intranet connected systems and applications whilst protecting cloud and network services from unauthorised access. This ensures the right levels of security for all colleagues and supports wired, wireless, and remotely connected endpoints. The service operates across virtually all platforms and devices and delivers comprehensive layer-2 admission control, layer-3 access control – or both. 

Get important messages to people, wherever they are

BT Smart Messaging

G-Cloud 12 (RM1557.12)

Click for details - service ID 472164727607166

With BT Smart Messaging you can send one, or a huge batch of text messages quickly and easily. Better still, because Smart Messaging can be used on any web browser, you can integrate seamlessly with your own CRM and software tools and manage messages/monitor responses quickly and efficiently. The service offers a choice of sending one-way messages to end recipients, or also to receive replies. 

A personal meeting room for everyone

BT MeetMe Audio Conferencing Service

G-Cloud 12 (RM1557.12)

Click for details - service ID 889312076859542

BT MeetMe Audio Conferencing provides a fast, simple and highly effective way to hold virtual meetings with colleagues, suppliers and partners in your very own personal meeting room, whenever you want.

Use it anytime to hold important briefings and meetings – either ad-hoc or scheduled – with anyone, anytime, wherever you are. Manage virtual conferences using a phone keypad, or desktop and mobile apps.

Connecting key workers and patients with family & friends

BT Lifeline Managed Tablet

Contact your BT Account Manager and quote Supplier ID NHS-COVID19-TAB15

Stay in touch during the pandemic e.g. patients in hospital with their friends and relatives. Increasingly there are situations where face to face meeting and visiting is restricted, limited or even impossible. Mobile technologies play a crucial part in helping overcome this, as they enable public sector key workers working with the public to communicate more easily, whether that’s with family, friends, other departments or institutions.  

Use virtual numbers to route calls anywhere in the UK

BT Inbound Services

Network Services 2 (RM3808)

Search for Supplier ID RM3808-COVID19-L4-BT0111 via the Network Services 2 Basware catalogue

Offers a range of virtual numbers which are not location dependent - known as non-geographic numbers. Non-geographic numbers have the advantage of allowing intelligent routing and call-flow management, however many sites a buyer has.