Cloud-based options

Hosted in the cloud with no system hardware, maintenance or expansion costs

On-premises phone systems

Equipment located on your premises, using both traditional and IP technology


Unsure what to choose?

People go for the cloud because ...

  • No hardware on the premises
  • No big upfront cost
  • It’s simple to set up
  • Automatic updates keep it at the latest version
  • It’s easy to add users yourself
  • No maintenance costs
  • Calls on the internet are cheaper
  • Spread upfront payments with a finance option (Cloud Voice)
  • Number isn’t tied to a location (use any geographic code, wherever you are)

For more information about Voice over IP, read our Guide to VoIP.

People go for on-premises because ...

  • On-premises can handle thousands of users
  • They’re not ready for the cloud
  • They’re in control of a system they can see and feel
  • Want to own the system
  • Like being able to spread the payments
  • Their broadband can’t support the cloud
  • Want to use both the traditional and IP networks for calls

For information about using your IP network for calls and data, see BT SIP Trunk or read our Guide to SIP trunking.


If you are still unsure read our guide to phones systems

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