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What's the difference?

  • Broadband

    It's all you need for email access and internet browsing (as long as you don't use a lot of data).

  • Infinity

    You'll need Infinity fibre to use cloud applications, video-conferencing, and to transfer large data files quickly.

  • Leased line

    This is a private line with guaranteed speeds and reliability, essential for when internet access is critical to your business.

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At the moment this product is not available in your area At the moment Fibre is not available in your area - go to the

You may have to pay a one-off installation fee, depending on the type of line you require. £125 for a new line or reactivation of an existing line, or £40 for taking over a working line. There is no charge to switch your line to BT from another supplier. Prices shown are for 24-month contracts and exclude VAT.

At the end of the Minimum Period of Service, you will pay the full monthly bundle price (plus line rental). See more details (including the full monthly bundle price) in section 59 of the BT Price List, accessible at www.bt.com/pricing.





Why our award-winning business-grade broadband matters

Get more from your business broadband

Never lose a connection with new 4G Assure. And give your customers a brilliant experience with free Guest Wi-Fi

Our minimum guaranteed speed

We aim to provide you with the fastest speed available on your line, and we’ve signed up to Ofcom’s Voluntary Business Broadband Speed Codes of Practice

Included as standard

BT Business Smart Hub

Connect your office and enabled devices to the internet with the new BT Business Smart Hub. And rely on our strongest and most efficient wi-fi signal ever.

Smart Scan technology will always find you the best connection. And the BT Business Smart Hub is already set up for increases in network speed, upgrades and more devices as they become wi-fi enabled. So you get the performance you can count on, now and in future.

More about Smart Hub

(There’s an £8.50 delivery charge).

Access to 5 million BT Wi-fi UK hotspots

Get free, unlimited data when you're connected to a BT Wi-fi hotspot.

As the account holder, you get one free BT Wi-fi unlimited subscription - worth £15 a month - which you can start using as soon as you get your order confirmation (that’s right: before we’ve even connected your broadband!).

BT Wi-fi hotspots are available in places like cafés, hotels, pubs, city centres and many independent businesses. Find your nearest BT Wi-fi hotspots

We’ve got hotspots all over the UK, including at:

- Thistle, Hilton, and Hastings hotels
- Starbucks, coffee shops, railway stations, and shopping areas
- Conference centres, exhibition venues, and law courts
- Airport terminals and lounges (Etihad Airways, American Airlines, and Flybe for example)
- Welcome Break motorway service stations

Guest Wi-Fi - NEW

Free wi-fi for your customers and clients – plus speeds and security are protected for you. People love free wi-fi. Give it to them.

More customers are more likely to visit a business with free wi-fi. It’s time for you to get the benefits with Guest Wi-Fi:

- Create a Guest Wi-Fi network for up to 13 people at the same time
- No extra charges for you or your guests
- Guest Wi-Fi on our Smart Hub comes ready and waiting to be switched on
- To Protect your speed – it stays as fast as ever
- Safe for everyone – Guest Wi-Fi blocks illegal content for peace of mind
- Your private network stays private – your guests can’t access your data
- Happy customers stay longer and return more often – a real boost to your business

Give your guests free wi-fi. Watch your business grow. 

More about Guest Wi-Fi

Broadband support 24/7

Support for your broadband 24 hours a day; online self-help tools, reporting, tracking, and FAQs.

Even with our network reliability, things can go wrong. On the rare occasion this happens, there are many ways we’ll be there to support you.

- Support centres are available 24/7 and free to call
- Online chat is available 8am to 8pm Monday-Friday
- Fault reporting and tracking are always available online
- The Help section of our website has answers to many frequently asked questions
- See if other customers can help on our community support forum

If we can’t help you remotely, we can send one of our engineers to fix it.

- Standard broadband or Infinity options - we'll aim to fix your fault within 2 working days of you reporting the fault to us
- Unlimited and Premium broadband or Infinity options - we'll aim to fix your fault by the end of the next working day
- Basic phone line with standard care – we’ll aim to fix your fault by the end of the second working day after you’ve told us about the fault

The response times shown here assume that you report the fault to us (either online or by phone call) before 9pm on a working day.

Unlimited data

Download and upload as much as you like – there are no data limits with these BT business broadband products.

Value phone line

Upgrade from a Value Line to a Standard Line for connection to a phone system and end-of-next-working-day fault fixes. And/or choose Critical Care for fault repair within 6 hours. Plus pick from call plans and calling features when you order your package.

Included with Premium services

4G Assure – NEW

Never lose business because of a lost connection. The UK’s first and only broadband that can automatically switch to 4G. Exclusively available in areas with suitable 4G signal.

4G Assure is a clever little innovation that will make a big difference to your business.

Keeping you working – reliability you can count on, so you always stay connected
4G-ready in a day – as soon as your order’s placed, we’ll send your new Smart Hub and 4G Assure to you. So you could be up and running in a day
We’re on it – we’ll know instantly if broadband’s switched to 4G, so we can focus on fixing it

Business broadband with 4G Assure: We’ve got your back.

More about 4G Assure

BT Device Protection by Symantec

Protect your business on any device, anywhere. Internet security and anti-virus protection for PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Why would I want BT Device Protection?

It gives your business vital online protection for three devices on each user licence. You can keep your systems and data safe and protect your business from the thousands of threats that appear on the internet every day.

Rely on the same best-in-class security used to protect the largest enterprises.

With Premium Broadband or Premium Infinity, you get BT Device Protection (one user licence) worth from £4.99 a month included for the length of your broadband contract.

Supported browsers

- Internet Explorer 9.0 and higher
- FireFox 47.x
- Chrome 53.x
- Edge 1.0
- Safari 7 and higher

System requirements

- Windows 7 and higher
- Mac OS X 10.9 and later
- iOS 8.x and later
- Android 4.2+

From £4.99 a month for each user licence (covering three devices)

More about BT Device Protection

Static IP address

If you’re running servers, websites, or FTP hosting, you’ll need one of these.

A static IP address is unique and does not change and will enable you to:

- Connect to your computer from anywhere in the world
- Run your own email server (and associate it with your domain name)
- Point domain names to your servers and equipment
- Set up your own secure Virtual Private Network
- Run your own website and FTP server
- Run CCTV off your network

1 static IP address - £5.50 a month (free with premium packages).

5 static IP addresses - £11.00 a month.

PC and Mac support 24/7

Our IT experts – the BT Tech Heads – can give you 24 hour technical support on broadband and IT issues for up to 3 computers (PCs or Macs).

And when things get tricky, the BT Tech Heads can securely take over your computer to sort out problems and show you what to do.

Our UK-based team’s ready to help 24 hours a day – call free any time.

Optional extras

Money-saving call plans

UK Unlimited

Add this call plan to make unlimited calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles.

International Dialling

2500 international direct dial minutes each month (excludes calls to mobiles outside the UK and some countries).

Call plans are available with selected broadband and phone line packages, and must be selected with Call Essentials – a free plan available to customers with up to 50 phone lines on a 24-month contract.

Add more features to your phone

Call diversion, call waiting, ring back when free, call-barring, 3 way-calling, reminder call, and call sign.

The more calling features you add, the cheaper the cost for each individual feature (take all 7 features, and you’re paying the equivalent of just £1.50 a feature).

1 feature - £4.00 a month

2-4 features - £7.50 a month

5-7 features - £10.50 a month

Microsoft Office 365 with 1TB of cloud storage

Access to Office applications online so you can create and access documents anytime, anywhere on any device.

You'll get:

- 1TB of storage for your documents with Onedrive for business
- Business-class email with 50GB storage
- Access to Professional Office applications online so you can create and access documents anytime, anywhere on any device

More about Office 365

Mozy Backup

Automatic online backup/recovery protection for laptops and desktops.

Why would I want Mozy Backup?

- Protects your data in high-security data centres
- You won’t lose any data due to viruses, floods, fires or theft
- Easy to manage and configure
- It's an award-winning product used by 100,000 businesses
- Simple, automatic, and secure

In a nutshell

If you’ve got Windows or Mac machines and you’re not backing them up, you need Mozy Backup – today.

It’s available in 10GB, 50GB, and 100GB options, which you can choose as you place your broadband, fibre or package order.

More about Mozy Backup

IT Support for PCs, Macs, devices and servers 24/7

Technical support for your broadband, PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, servers and software, 24 hours a day.

Based in the UK, our Enhanced IT Support works like your own remote IT department. You get help and guidance without having the expense of employing, training, and paying for your own IT experts.

- Support for your software and hardware: PC, Mac, smartphones and tablet
- Virus removal
- Reinstall and upgrade of your operating system
- Application support for your BT Business Apps subscriptions

Monthly cost for 5 devices - £7.50 a month.

More about IT Support

Why BT Business?

Always stay connected. With 4G Assure – the UK’s first and only broadband that can automatically switch to 4G.
Work where you need to. With our powerful Smart Hub and access to over 5 million wi-fi hotspots.
Support you can count on and trust. UK-based 24/7 technical support and fast fixes on broadband faults.
Safe and secure data and devices. With protection from industry leaders, Symantec.


Why is it now easier to switch my broadband and line to BT?

You can now switch to BT Business without needing to contact your old supplier to get a MAC code. Simply sign up to our broadband or broadband and line packages and we’ll contact your old supplier for you. It’s as easy as that!

Does ‘Unlimited’ really mean unlimited?

Yes! You enjoy unlimited data usage with these BT business broadband products.

When will I be able to get superfast fibre broadband?

Take a look at our fibre availability checker to see which of our fibre products are available at your premises.

If you’ve already done that and found that it’s not yet available, check the Openreach site to find out the superfast fibre broadband rollout plans for where you are.

Can I keep my number if I switch my phone and broadband to BT Business?

Yes, if you're not moving address. If you're moving premises as well as switching your phone and broadband to us, it depends on where you're moving. You need to be on the same telephone exchange to keep your number.

Can I get broadband from BT if my phone line is with someone else?

It is possible to get BT Business Broadband even if your telephone line is with another service provider.
For certain types of lines you may need to contact our Sales team by phone as our availability checker is restricted to the types of line it can validate.

Take a look at our broadband and fibre & phone line packages. Not only does a package make joining BT easy, you’ll get the best deals too.

How will you help me keep track of how much data I'm using?

If you're on either of our limited services, BT Broadband (10GB limit) or BT Infinity (50GB limit), we'll send you an email when you're close to using 80% of your data allowance.

You can also keep an eye on your usage by logging into your My BT Business account. Then go to Manage Services and click on Broadband Checker.

Why not stop worrying about additional usage charges altogether by upgrading to one of our Unlimited broadband or fibre options?


Will I have to pay an installation charge?

  • If you’re switching your phone line from another supplier, there’s no charge.
  • If you’re taking over a working line, there will be a £40 takeover charge.
  • If we need to install a new line (or reconnect a ceased line) or socket, the charge is £125 for a 24-month contract.
  • If you need multiple new lines, there may be a charge for each line.

Once you complete your order, we’ll call you if there is an installation charge and to arrange installation. If you don’t want to go ahead with the order because the charge is more than you were expecting, you can cancel the order at this point.

How do I access the more than 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK?

Select the BT Wi-fi network from the available networks on your device then login with your ‘@btconnect.com’ details (we gave you these when you joined us).

To make it really easy, there’s also a BT Wi-fi app.

Find out more with our BT Wi-fi FAQs and videos.

How long will it take to get my broadband up and running?

It depends on what you’re after and local availability, but our minimum lead times are –

To switch broadband from another supplier
10 days

To switch broadband and phone line from another supplier
10 days

Change from BT Home Broadband to BT Business Broadband
5 days

Install new phone line and broadband
10 days

How easy is it to install fibre or broadband?


We do all the work at the exchange and in the street cabinet.

Depending on the product you order and the speeds available at your premises, you’ll either plug in the BT Hub yourself or we’ll send an engineer out to you.

The Hub comes with simple instructions so you shouldn’t have any problems. And if you’re an existing Infinity customer upgrading your package, you don’t need to do a thing – stick with your existing Hub, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I buy more licences for my Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials account?

Just call us on 0800 028 2075 and we’ll add more licences for you.

Will I need a new router?

You'll need a router to get up and running.

If you're a new customer, or you're an existing broadband customer and you've upgraded to superfast fibre broadband, we'll send you out a brand new BT Business Smart Hub.

If you're an existing broadband or superfast broadband customer and you want to change your monthly subscription, but not the type of broadband (broadband or superfast broadband) you're using, then you can carry on using the hub you already have. This saves you the hassle of installing a new one.

Can everyone get 4G Assure?

4G Assure is available to most people who choose business broadband from BT.

Before you buy, we’ll check to make sure that the 4G signal in your area is strong enough.

If it is, good news! You can get 4G Assure for no extra cost with all premium broadband packages.

You’ll also need our Hub 5 or BT Business Smart Hub (which we’ll send you if you’re buying broadband with us for the first time).

If you have broadband already, you can add 4G Assure if your 4G signal is suitable.

Things you need to know

Terms, conditions and legal stuff

Information on terms, compensation scheme, and legal stuff for you to download

In Northern Ireland, the packages shown above are only available to new BT Business customers.

At the end of the Minimum Period, you will revert to the full Monthly Bundle Price (plus line rental). See section 59 of the BT Price List for more details.

Business broadband packages special offer

Special offer is for customers taking one of the eligible phone line, broadband, and calls packages. Special offer is not available to customers who are moving from BT’s home broadband service to business broadband.

Customers with an existing business phone line can only buy a special offer package if the line does not already have broadband on it. Those customers will start a new contract on their existing phone line when they buy a package included in the offer.

For full details, please see the Online exclusives section of our terms & conditions

Business broadband with 4G Assure

4G Assure works over copper, fibre and static IP. The automatic switch over to 4G is subject to you having adequate 4G signal and power at your site.

We deliver 4G Assure the next day if your order’s placed by 12pm Monday to Friday and you pass credit checks. Orders placed at the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday, or Wednesday for bank holidays.

For full details, please see the Terms for Business, Broadband and Internet Services section of our terms and conditions.

BT Business Smart hub

Our Business Smart Hub has been tested against the following major business broadband providers:

Virgin Media, Talk Talk, Vodafone, XLN & Zen. Test results are based on the current competitor Hub offering at the time of testing in June 2017.

For full details, please see the Terms for Business, Broadband and Internet Services section of our terms and conditions.


All of our Unlimited and Premium subscriptions come with Prompt Care service as standard.

This means that in the unlikely event that you have a problem, if you report it before 9pm we’ll aim to fix it by the end of the next working day, Monday to Saturday.

See our terms & conditions

Compensation claims

We have a compensation scheme for those rare occasions where something goes wrong, and there are delays in putting it right. See information on compensation scheme.

Information about speed estimates

The speed ranges indicated above are estimates. Your actual broadband speeds will depend upon a number of factors, including the distance of your premises from the exchange, the quality of your line, the number of people using the broadband connection simultaneously, and the equipment you use.

It can take up to ten days for the line to settle at its maximum stable speed. Find out more about the types of things that could impact your broadband service.

Information about the Code

We've signed up to Ofcom’s Voluntary Business Broadband Speeds code of practice.

We aim to provide you with the fastest speed available on your line. Find out more about our commitments under the code of practice.

Call plans and packages

Call Essentials

There is no charge for BT Business Call Essentials. 24-month minimum period.

If you’re on an existing call plan, adding this package may replace any benefits that come with your current plan. We’ll call you to confirm and take you through your options after you have placed your order. See the BT price list for details of your current call package and to see which lines and services you can include in the call plan. 

UK Unlimited call package  

Calls are free for up to an hour. If your call lasts longer than an hour then you pay by the minute, Simply hang up the call and call back within the hour.

You'll find the call rates to UK landlines, mobiles and international destinations in the BT Price List.

If you end your call package within the minimum period, you'll have to pay a charge for finishing early. The charge is equal to 50% of the outstanding monthly charges from when you finish the call package to the end of the minimum term.

International Dialling call package 

If you end your call package within the minimum period, you'll have to pay a charge for finishing early. The charge is equal to 50% of the outstanding monthly charges from when you finish the call package to the end of the minimum period. 

The UK’s most popular business fibre based on market share

To verify visit: Ofcom Communications Market Report 2017 – 03 August 2017

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