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Wi-Fi calling and 4G calling

Wi-Fi Calling

Call and text wherever there's wi-fi

We all know a place where the phone signal’s a bit patchy. Well now you can call and text on your phone as normal wherever there’s accessible wi-fi. Including places like cafes, airports and even the London Underground.

No need for an app

Wi-Fi Calling is easy to use. Just connect to wi-fi and dial away. Calls and texts come out of your allowances like normal. You don’t even need to download an app. So when there’s no signal, there’s no hassle staying in touch with Wi-Fi Calling.

4G Calling

Browse superfast even on a call

On hands-free and using Google maps? Or taking a work call and need to download a big document? With 4G Calling, you can call and browse at the same time without slowing down. So instead of speeds dropping to 3G which normally happens, 4G Calling keeps you on superfast 4G for both. 

Works seamlessly with Wi-Fi Calling

Using a phone with Wi-Fi Calling? 4G Calling will switch you seamlessly from wi-fi to mobile network and back again. So you’ll always have the best connection – without any worries of being cut off.

BT Business Mobile

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BT Business Mobile

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Free wi-fi hotspots

Free data at over 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK

On EE’s No.1 network

Fastest 5G in more places on the best UK network 7 years in a row

Wi-fi on the London Underground

Work online in more than 250 Tube stations with wi-fi provided by Virgin Media