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Hauwei E3372


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A high-speed 4G dongle that you can use whenever and wherever you are. Simply insert your data SIM card and off you go.

Thin always wins

The slim, compact, and user-friendly design sports flowing curves made with materials for a natural and comfortable feel.

Thin always wins

Speedy possibilities

Support for LTE category 4 means you can enjoy higher download data transfer rates. Specifically, up to an incredible 150 Mbps.

Speedy possibilities

High link. Higher convenience.

With support for Hauwei HiLink's web interface, expect nothing but a better user experience and enhanced convenience.


Best supporting act

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is vastly superior to IPv4 with its more advanced features, and has the capability to provide a near infinite number of IP addresses.

Expand your business horizons

Want more data, free? Buy our 16GB Solo Extra plan for the price of our 4GB Solo Extra plan.

At just £38 a month, that's a total saving of £240 over 24 months.

This summer saving is only available until 11 September – don’t miss out.

Expand your business horizons

£5 off mobile plans

Buy a mobile, or SIM-only plan with broadband or a package, and get £5 a month off your mobile bill.

Offer available to customers who take out a new broadband, fibre, or package contract, or customers who renew their existing broadband or fibre contract. 

The £5 mobile discount will be added to your account and will appear on your bill once your order has been verified and completed.

£5 off mobile plans

Why choose BT Business?

Free data at 5 million UK BT Wi-fi hotspots
Access to EE’s 4G network, covering 75% of the UK landmass
Use your UK monthly calls, texts and data in the EU for no extra charge

Included as standard
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Access to 5 million BT Wi-fi UK hotspots

Get free, unlimited data when you’re connected to a BT Wi-fi hotspot.

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4GEE – the UK’s biggest, fastest 4G network

You’ll be covered by EE’s 4G network, which covers 75% of the UK landmass.

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Extra speed 4G

You'll always get the fastest speed available depending on where you are and the phone you're using. Unlike our standard 4G service, Fastest 4G is not limited to 60Mbps.

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Help and support

Support by phone, web chat, and online knowledgebase.

EU Roaming

If you have an inclusive allowance or have purchased a Voice, Text or Data Extra it will be used in our Europe Zone at the same rate as when you are at home. 

When your allowance is used up, Calls, Text, MMS and Data in our Europe Zone cost the same as they do in the UK. 

All plans above 15GB have a 15GB fair use policy, except on 25GB, 32GB and 50GB plans.

Which countries are in our Europe Zone?

EU members – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

EU territories – Aland Island, Azores, Canary Islands, French Guiana, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Madeira, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin and San Marino.

EEA countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Other – Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco, Switzerland and Vatican City. 

For more information about using your mobile abroad, see our FAQs.

For more information about this visit

Terms and conditions

Inclusive minutes cannot be shared and apply to UK fixed lines 01,02 and 03(excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), mobiles and voicemail.

Inclusive texts apply to UK mobiles and exclude texts outside of the UK, MMS, and premium rate numbers.

Data allowance cannot be shared and applies to data received in the UK. In the UK when existing inclusive data allowance has been exceeded a £5.00 500MB bundle will be applied; all data services on a BlackBerry device, including BlackBerry messenger, will come out of your data allowance.

When you’ve used all your inclusive minutes and texts, calls will be charged at the standard BT mobile rates.

For up to date pricing please see the BT Price List at Terms and Conditions apply which can be found at

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