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Technology’s a double-edged sword. Harnessing it means your business can move ahead of the competition and give your customers and end-users the best experience. But with new technology comes increased strain on the people and systems delivering it.

For a business to keep moving and continue to grow it can’t be held back by a growing IT burden.

What choice do you have as a business? You can manage your IT infrastructure in-house and temper the pace of change. Or you can take an outsourced approach with a Managed Services provider so you can concentrate on your core business.

Why BT

Skilled experts

Our Managed Services team is certified by industry recognised external accreditors and operate on an ITIL stack. And we have 4,000 people help to deliver our end-to-end service, each with a range of different expertise and skills.


Organisations can pick and mix the capabilities of their Managed Service depending on their needs. Offering complete control over costs and keeping up with changing priorities.

24/7 support

From setup to service and maintenance. 24/7 desk-based support in the UK with proactive monitoring and management. Offering end-to-end assistance and continual network visibility.

Helping our customers to move ahead with confidence

Bournemouth University’s network was increasingly taking up their IT team’s time to maintain and manage.

Our SD-Access solution, with a Managed Service wrap, is now supporting BU’s vision of delivering future-ready collaborative learning.

Leaving the university’s IT team free to develop new projects: refreshing the campus wireless network and supporting students.

Current large business customers

If you’re already an existing Corporate or Public Sector customer with us, please get in touch with your account team or account manager to discuss how our Managed Services solutions could help your business.