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Create and manage a professional website for your business quickly and easily with BT Web Hosting. And you don’t need to know anything about software.

What is it?

Our web hosting gives you a comprehensive range of tools to build, run and market your web site effectively via a web-based portal.

Who is it for?

If you want to build your own website, showcase your products and services online, 24 hours a day, then this could be right for you.

When to choose Professional

Choose Web Hosting Professional if your business really depends on the quality and performance of your website.

Included as standard

Domain name

You get one free .co.uk or .org.uk domain name with both options.

And, if you choose our Professional package, you'll also get a free .com name.

Web space

With the Starter package, you'll get 5GB web space.

The Professional package comes with unlimited web space.

Website templates

You’ll get access to a wide range of high quality website designs.

You are able to choose designs from different themed categories and verticals.

These are managed and selected via an online portal which you'll have access to. 

Website creator software

Our simple-to-use website design tool allows you to build and manage a stylish website.

Drag and drop menus make it easy to build and customise your site. You can easily add pages, layouts, images and features to your website. 

Selection of professional images

You can either choose from a selection of images from our gallery or upload your own to customise your site.

Mobile optimised

Your site will be mobile responsive.

This means it will be optimised to look great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. You can preview your site to see how it looks across devices before publishing it as all designs are mobile responsive automatically adapting to the device your visitors are using. 

10 POP email addresses

You can have 10 variations on 'employee name@yourcompany.co.uk'.

24/7 support

We've got a UK-based tech support team ready to help, whenever you need it.

Optional extras

Additional domain names

Getting more domain names is simple and inexpensive. 

Just log in to your web hosting account and go to the Domain Centre. If what you want is available, you'll be able to buy it there and then.

Make your details private

Hide personal details associated with your domain name with BT Domain Shield.

Did you know that as soon you register a domain name, anyone can find out your name, address, and phone number? All they need to do is check out the WHOIS database (this is where you can look up all domains and see who's got them). 

But you can get round this with BT Domain Shield. This replaces the name, address, phone number, and email address that you're registered with on WHOIS with a cover name. So no-one can get your details.

You can get BT Domain Shield for just £20 (ex VAT) for 2 years. Once you've set up your web hosting just log in to your account. You can buy it from the Domain Centre.

SSL server certificates

With our Professional package, you can also buy GeoTrust SSL server certificates.

You might have seen these certificates when you've bought things on websites that you trust. Basically, they keep your online transactions safe and secure. 

SSL certificates act like a powerful lock on the doors of your online shop. They make sure that your customers' payments get to you, that their payment details stay secure, and that criminals are unable able to 'break in' to your virtual store. 

And because they're there for your visitors to see, they'll be confident that their transaction will be safe and secure.

Why BT Business?

You can always call us for advice
We're always adding more features
Hundreds of templates to help you with design and build

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