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BT Safepay, the secure payment service



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Secure payment services for payment reconciliation with real-time authorisation and daily settlement

What is it?

It's an online payment gateway that gives you a secure payment service for taking payments from your customers.


When can I use it?

You can take payments online, over the phone, and through smartphones.

Is it secure?

It uses the latest security (PCI DSS Level 1 certified) technology: 3-D Secure; Verisign certification; encryption and firewall technology.

Why buy from BT?

We process more than 35 million transactions every year, worth over £2.5 billion (and we've got 18 years of eCommerce experience behind us).

How our secure payment service works

Step 1

Your customer enters their payment details into a secure, hosted payment page (provided by BT Buynet/SafePay).

Step 2

BT Buynet/SafePay validates the payment details with your chosen merchant acquirer.

Step 3

Card data is stored, through tokenisation, in BT's secure data centre (so it's ready for future transactions).

Step 4

The bank authorises the funds after checking the card holder's identity and account.

Step 5

Funds are settled to your merchant acquirer the next working day, subject to your business process.

Step 6

You can view the data through the BT SafePay online portal, 24/7. Detailed reports help you reconcile payments.

Why BT Business?

All major credit & debit cards accepted
Online, phone, and smartphone payments
PCI DSS Level 1 certified service
No set-up fees or annual charges


What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has been set out by the major payment card brands (including VISA, American Express and MasterCard) to help protect customers against theft or fraud.

For more information, visit www.pcisecuritystandards.org

PCI DSS is a mandatory standard for all organisations that process, transmit or store credit or debit card data. Failing to meet the standard could result in restrictions on business or even fines.

How much does it cost?

Your bespoke cost will depend on a number of factors which we need to discuss with you first before providing a quote.

However, there are no set-up fees, annual charges, or hidden costs, just simple and straightforward transaction-based pricing. Plus free tokenisation and UK-based support.

What is tokenisation?

BT Safepay’s token system is a safe and secure way of storing a customer’s card information in our secure PCI DSS-compliant data centres. 

The card information is aligned to a unique token (supplied by BT) when the card is first used. You don't need to store the customer's card data for future payments. All you need is the token.

This means you can process transactions securely without the need for any extra on-site or remote equipment.

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