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Avoid ever losing any data, by automatically backing it up at our high-security data centres

Data security

Mozy Backup includes high-security data encryption, privacy, and compliance (you won’t get this with free cloud storage services). 

You can be confident that your data will be totally secure and accessible by you.

Automatic backup

Your data will be backed-up in the background, automatically – you don’t need to do a thing or be around when it happens.

You can schedule how often you want to backup your files: several times a day or just once.


If you want to backup a server, you’ll need Mozy Backup Server.

And if you have any spare capacity after you’ve backed-up your server, you can share the remaining capacity across your PCs and Macs. 

How to buy it

BT Business broadband and fibre customers can visit our Business Apps site to order Mozy Backup. Otherwise, call us on 0800 028 2075.

Included as standard

User-friendly, web-based Admin Console

From the Admin Console, you can set up clients and users, install and use the backup software, and manage the service from anywhere you can get on the internet.

A choice of data storage space

Just pay for the amount of data storage you’re going to need.

What you pay depends on how much data you want to backup (from a minimum capacity of 1GB per machine). You can share your capacity across multiple PCs, Macs, and – if you have Mozy Backup Server – servers.

Backup your data at anytime, from anywhere

Mozy Backup automatically manages your back-ups so you don’t have to. You can schedule them to run whenever you choose – several times a day, daily, weekly or monthly.

Simply ‘set it and forget it’ knowing that with Mozy Backup your server’s files won’t be lost. All your company’s information is where it should be, safely stored in the cloud.

Access your files and work wherever you are

If you’ve been working on a presentation and want to carry on at home, use Mozy’s web access to securely download the file to any computer.

Or you can access your file from a mobile device (iOS or Android) using Mozy Mobile, available from iTunes or Play store.

And by downloading Mozy Sync, the work you do on one computer automatically updates on all your devices. So it’s easy to keep up-to-date wherever you are.

Using Mozy Backup gives you the reassurance that your files will always be available whenever you need them.

Recover any lost, deleted, or overwritten files for 90 days

Any previous versions and deleted files are kept on the backup servers for 90 days. This means that if you accidentally delete a file, you can recover it.

Why BT Business?

Automatic backup
Only pay for what you use
High-security data encryption
Easy to use

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