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Switching FAQs

Why is it now easier to switch my broadband and line to BT?

You can now switch to BT Business without needing to contact your old supplier to get a MAC code. Simply sign up to our broadband or broadband and line packages and we’ll contact your old supplier for you. It’s as easy as that!

Do I need to let my current provider know?

You don't need to tell them about your move, we'll do it all for you!

How long will it take to get my broadband up and running?

It depends on what you’re after and local availability, but our minimum lead times are –

To switch broadband from another supplier
10 days

To switch broadband and phone line from another supplier
10 days

Change from BT home broadband to BT business broadband
5 days

Install new phone line and broadband
10 days

Will there be any downtime?

On your activation date you’ll lose internet access for no more than 30 minutes.

Can I transfer email addresses from my current ISP to BT?

This depends on your current ISP so please contact them if you want to transfer your email address to us.

When you join us we’ll give you an email address. If you can’t bring your address with you, it may be worth setting up email forwarding from your current address so that you don’t lose any business contacts.

If your email address uses your own domain name (you@yourbusiness.co.uk for example), you can transfer your domain to BT.

Can I transfer my static IP address from my current ISP to BT?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your static IP address with you . However, you can order a new static IP when you place your order for BT Business broadband.

It’ll be available at the same time that we activate your new broadband service. We’ll tell you about it in your ‘welcome’ letter and email.

Can I use my current domain name?

Yes, you can use your current domain name. You can either transfer your domain name to us or you can keep it with your current domain supplier.


Can I keep the same phone number?

Yes, if you’re switching your phone line you can normally keep your current number. 

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