Superfast Fibre


At a glance

  • Up to 76Mbps Download
  • Up to 19.5Mbps Upload
  • SMART Hub
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • BT Sport App
  • Access to 5 million Wi-Fi UK hotspots



Included as standard

BT Business Smart Hub

Connect your office and enabled devices to the internet with the new BT Business Smart Hub. And rely on our strongest and most efficient wi-fi signal ever.

Smart Scan technology will always find you the best connection. And the BT Business Smart Hub is already set up for increases in network speed, upgrades and more devices as they become wi-fi enabled. So you get the performance you can count on, now and in future.

Explore even more benefits.

(There’s an £8.50 delivery charge).

Access to 5 million BT Wi-fi UK hotspots

Get free, unlimited data when you're connected to a BT Wi-fi hotspot.

As the account holder, you get one free BT Wi-fi unlimited subscription - worth £15 a month.

BT Wi-fi hotspots are available in places like cafés, hotels, pubs, city centres and many independent businesses. Find your nearest BT Wi-fi hotspots here.

We’ve got hotspots all over the UK, including at:

Thistle, Hilton, and Hastings hotels

Starbucks, coffee shops, railway stations, and shopping areas

Conference centres, exhibition venues, and law courts

Airport terminals and lounges (Etihad Airways, American Airlines, and Flybe for example)

Welcome Break motorway service stations


NEW - Guest Wi-Fi

Free wi-fi for your customers and clients – plus speeds and security are protected for you. People love free wi-fi. Give it to them.

More customers are more likely to visit a business with free wi-fi. It’s time for you to get the benefits with Guest Wi-Fi:

Create a Guest Wi-Fi network for up to 13 people at the same time

No extra charges for you or your guests

Guest Wi-Fi on our Smart Hub comes ready and waiting to be switched on

Protect your speed – it stays as fast as ever

Safe for everyone – Guest Wi-Fi blocks illegal content for peace of mind

Your private network stays private – your guests can’t access your data

Happy customers stay longer and return more often – a real boost to your business

Give your guests free wi-fi. Watch your business grow. 

More about Guest Wi-Fi

BT Sport app for smartphone and tablet

Enjoy the BT Sport app, for your personal, non-commercial viewing of unmissable live sport on your smartphone or tablet.

The BT Sport app is available to new BT Business customers taking Premium Broadband, Unlimited Infinity or Premium Infinity. Once your broadband is installed, you can download the app and login using your BT ID and password which we have emailed with your order.

As well as the BT Sport channels, you’ll also be able to watch Box Nation and exclusive live sporting action like the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and the Aviva Premiership Rugby.

Designed to be enjoyed on a smartphone or tablet, you can’t connect it to - or watch the BT Sport app through - a TV or web browser.

The BT Sport app is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10 smartphones and tablets.

If you’re using an iOS or Android device, you’ll also be able to relive those edge-of-your-seat moments or watch multi-angle replays with our enhanced video player, which is available on major sporting events like the Premier League and Champions League games.

And if you make use of the 5 million-plus BT Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK, you’ll be able to watch without eating into your data allowance.


Static IP address

A static IP address is unique to you and does not change. You'll need one if you’re running servers, websites, FTP hosting, or if you want to ...

Connect to your computer from anywhere in the world

Run your own email server (and associate it with your domain name)

Point domain names to your servers and equipment

Set up your own secure Virtual Private Network

Run your own website and FTP server

Run CCTV off your network

For trialists that require a single static IP, it will be included as part of the trial.



Smart business line


At a glance

  • New business phone with caller display and missed call and voicemail  notifications
  • Smart call divert rules like having your landline calls sent to your mobile
  • Block calls from withheld numbers and specific nuisance numbers
  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles
  • Easily manage features online through My Account


Included as standard

Your trial package comes with a new cordless phone

Incoming call features:

Caller display - See the number of the person calling you

Missed call & voicemail notifications - Flashing light on the handset and notification on the screen if you’ve got a missed call or voicemail

In-call features:

Call waiting - Visual and audio alert if you have another incoming call

Call hold - Places your caller on hold if you need to do something else

3 way calling - Lets you add another person to your call to have a 3-way conversation

Transfer call to another number - Lets you send a caller to another number, e.g. your mobile or someone else

Speakerphone - Go hands free on your call with speakerphone mode

Smart call divert

Choose how and when you want to answer your calls, including having them diverted to your mobile.

Set another number to ring at the same time

Never miss a call by having more than one phone ring when you’ve got an incoming call, e.g. have your mobile ring as well as your business phone

Divert calls to another number or voicemail when

You don’t answer - As an example, Set your mobile to ring if you don’t answer your business phone, so calls will find you wherever you are

You’re on the phone - As an example, Have calls routed to someone else who can take your call if you can’t

Always - As an example, Divert all your calls to another number, e.g. if you’re working somewhere else

You don’t want to be disturbed - Quickly set your line to ‘do not disturb’ to have all calls sent to voicemail

In an emergency - Pre-set a back-up number to take your calls if there’s ever a fault on your line

Smart features

Block calls from withheld numbers

Prevent potential nuisance calls by easily stopping calls from withheld numbers from coming through

Block calls from specific numbers

If you receive a nuisance call you can add that number to your blacklist so you don’t receive any more calls from that number

Prevent calls being made to certain numbers

Avoid bill shock by preventing calls from being made to premium or international numbers

Unlimited UK calls

Covers calls to UK landlines and mobiles for up to an hour each.


Find out more about what comes with your trial broadband package

Click on the links below to explore the features included with your broadband package:

Guide to BT Business Smart Hub

Guide to Guest Wi-Fi

Guide to BT Wi-Fi

BT Sport App: How to download and use it


What happens at the end of the trial?

Subject to the trial being successful and BT deciding to launch you will be able to keep the services you are trial. BT would announce service pricing at launch and you can decide to keep your trial services, revert back to your previous service or chose any other service you want.


Will I receive a bill for my services during the trial?

Yes, but as this is a trial, your service will be set up on a new account. You will not be liable for or expected to pay charges for line rental or usage included in your trial package.


What happens if I want to stop or change my service during the trial?

Please call BT for free on 08000 113237.


What happens if I’m using Static IP?

If you have an existing Static IP we can move this across onto your trial Superfast Fibre broadband.


How do I get help using my broadband service?

To support the trial BT has set-up a dedicated telephone support team that you can call for free on 08000 113237.


What is involved in providing my new service?

Will I get a new BT Hub?

You will get a BT Business Smart Hub sent to you.

Do I need additional power sockets near my BT Hub?

You will need a power socket for your BT Business Smart Hub, next to your main BT socket, and depending on the broadband service you are given to trial an additional power supply for a separate BT modem. Additional power sockets will also be needed for your trial Smart business phone.

Will my existing Broadband service still work?

Your existing Broadband will not be affected.

For the purposes of the trial we have installed a separate phone line or phone with broadband line, this  will be converted to the trial Superfast Fibre and Smart Landline. The specially installed service(s) will stop working and be replaced

What happens if my activation or start date is delayed?

If your activation or start date is delayed, we will update you by text message, email or phone call. You can also check the progress of your order online.

How do I track my order?

Click here to see how to track your order online.

How will I know my broadband has been activated?

When your Broadband is installed and active, we'll send a text message to your mobile. If your contact number is a phone line, we'll send an automated voice message.

How do I change my activation or start date?

To change the activation or start date for your order, visit our online order tracker.

What happens if want to move offices during the trial?

Please call BT for free on 08000 113237.


Do I need to give feedback during the trial?

Yes. BT will contact you periodically during the trial by phone or email to obtain your feedback and suggestions regarding the new trial services.


I keep losing my broadband connection. How can I fix it?

If your broadband connection is down - so you can't get on any websites at all, not just the one that you were trying to get on when you noticed the problem – try these checks and fixes before contacting us.


Can I claim compensation if my service is not working?

BT has set-up a dedicated trial support team to quickly resolve any service issues. In the unlikely event of a loss of service no compensation can be claimed because this is a trial.


In-Life Support FAQs

How do I set up and manage my features?

Log into My Account on BT.Com and click on the CVS link to set up and manage all your features. Or  you can use the menu button & soft keys on your phone 

Will I receive a bill for my services during the trial?

No, as this is an  trial, your service has been  set up on a new account for which bills will not be sent,  as you are not liable  for any charges for making and receiving  calls or using  features.

Is the service covered by BT's standard terms and condition?

No,  there are separate trial terms and conditions, which you  agreed to before you came onto the trial, which covers  scope and feedback required. If your situation changes during the trial, please contact BT on  08000 113237   

Trial Terms for UK Business Solution programme

Trial Terms for UK Business Solution CVS programme

BT Cloud Voice Smart and BT Cloud Voice Essential

Employee Trial General Terms

Employee Trial Contract Details

Service Support FAQs

I cannot make or receive any calls?

 It may be your order is not complete yet,  so please check  the status  in the  order tracker on  BT. Com. If the order is closed, please check your equipment.  The light needs to be  blue on your BT hub,  green on your base station and your phone needs to be charged.

I am not receiving any incoming calls?

Please check you have not set  Call Divert to forward  calls to your voicemail or another number. If your service has become  temporarily disconnected, calls are  automatically forwarded  to your voicemail. Don't worry, as soon as your service  is connected again,  the divert will be removed. Also check you have not set  Do Not Disturb on your phone or on-line, by logging into My Account on BT.Com. and clicking on the CVS  link.  Finally check your equipment is working. The light needs to be blue on your BT hub,  green on your base station and your phone needs to be charged. 

I cannot hear callers or they cannot hear me?

Please check the volume on your phone is turned  up or you have not pressed the mute  button. Also  check your equipment is working. The light needs to be  blue on your BT hub,  green on your base station and your  phone  needs to be  charged 

My phone does not ring or rings once and cuts off?

Please check you  have not set up Call Divert to forward your  calls to another number  or set Do Not  Disturb  on your phone or  on-line. To set up and mange features on line,  log into My Account on BT.Com, and clicking on the  CVS link.  Also check your equipment. The light needs to be  blue on your BT hub,  green on your base station and your phone needs to be  charged. 

My calls keep cutting off ?

Please check your equipment.  The light needs to be  blue on your BT hub, green on your base station and your phone needs to be charged 

My service is not working on my existing number?

 If you requested your existing number to be transferred, it  may be your order is not complete yet, so please check the status in the order tracker on  BT. Com. If the order is closed, you need to plug in your phone,  as long as your BT Hub is blue. Once the base station light is green and your phone is charged, you can start making calls. There will be a short delay of around 20 minutes before you receive  calls. If after this period you are still not receiving  calls,  please contact BT for free on  08000113237

I cannot make any outgoing calls?

Please check you have not set Call  Barring to stop calls being made, by logging into My Account on BT.Com click on the CVS  link and go to the Manage Outgoing Calls section.  Also check your equipment. The light needs to be  blue on your BT hub,  green on your base station and your  phone needs to be charged 

My calls are cutting in and out?

Please  check your equipment. The light needs to be  blue on your BT hub, green on your base station and your phone  needs to be  charged. 

When I answer a call, there is no one there?

It may  be calls are being  made by an auto dialler, which means there will be a  short delay before a person speaks to you. Your phone  displays the number of the caller, so you can return  the call  and  speak to them.  You can add these numbers to your black list using the Selective Call Rejection feature on line.  Or if the  caller has withheld their number, set up  Anonymous Call Rejection from your phone  or on line. To set up and manage features on line, log into  My Account on BT.Com  and click on the CVS link 

There is noise or static on the line when I make a call?

Please  check your equipment.  The light needs to be  blue on your BT hub,  green on your base station and your phone  needs to be  charged.  If you have another Yealink W52P DECT phone,  try making a  call on that and if the call is clear  then the problem is with your phone  and not the service.  Also, does the problem only occur when making calls to a specific number, as it could be the caller and not you who has the problem.  Finally if we are experiencing bad weather, this could  be affecting your service