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BTnet network latency

Internet services are getting faster, but performance is about more than just speed.

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The BTnet leased line internet service is connected to our 21st Century Network (21CN) platform which, as well as offering you dedicated bandwidth and speeds, has been built and optimised to offer you super-low latency. This means quick and snappy performance with no lag or delays for all your data, voice, video, and cloud applications.

You can make business-grade voice calls with BT SIP (session initiation protocol) and BT Cloud Voice services running over BTnet. You can use cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 or Amazon Web Services (AWS) with fast and lag-free performance.

Our network latency SLA

We’re so confident in our network performance and latency that we even provide guarantees within our service level agreement (SLA). Check the details of our SLA here, it includes a <20ms UK and a <95ms Trans-Atlantic latency guarantee.

We provide the data here so that you can see our real network performance each month across various network routes. This page contains the results of round-trip delay, packet delivery and jitter measurements, which we perform between key locations on our BTnet (Internet Connect UK) backbone network, and to key locations on the networks of our strategic partners.

The following tables contain recent weekly and monthly average inter-regional delay values (in ms), percentage packet delivery values, and average jitter (in ms) for the BTnet backbone network.

Super-low latency network

Our BTnet platform is custom-built to provide super-low latency for your data, voice, video, and cloud applications. This means no annoying lag or delays. Find out more about our network latency.