The Future is Now: The power of innovative technology

Emerging tech has the potential to revolutionise the way we collaborate, work and experience as we know it. Are you ready?

Get ready for the future - watch now

Condense Reality. A business exploring the art of the possible. It knows the importance of getting ready for the future - with volumetric video and the potential 5G holds. We’re diving into the innovative, collaborative work the business is doing - and how it’ll impact businesses of all shapes and sizes. Dive in to our latest episode of The Future is Now.

The business benefits of volumetric video

Lisa Perkins, Adastral Park & Research Realisation Director here at BT is breaking down the innovative new tech on the market. What is volumetric video? How can 5G help your business? And so much more. 

Exploring the virtual future of sport broadcasting

Find out how BT Sport are evolving – and how your business could too. How are we using the power of 5G?  And what other technologies are we adopting to bring the best sporting content to the UK? Matt Stagg, Director of Mobile Strategy at BT Sport, explains all.

The Future is Now Live! event recap

Construction leaders Willmott Dixon and volumetric video pioneers Condense Reality joined our expert panel to discuss how they’ve transformed their business resulting in improved productivity and collaboration. Packed with practical advice and innovative new thinking, this event is a must for leaders that want to get ahead of the curve.

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