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The 5G network is here. And we can’t underestimate its game-changing nature. It’s going to revolutionise not only the way we do business but technology as we know it. Things like the Internet of Things (IoT), Private Wireless, and sensors will all benefit from 5G’s low latency, super-fast network.

The accuracy of 5G is unrivalled – meaning technology can perform like it’s never done before. Think of a remote-controlled helicopter from your childhood. There was always a little bit of delay, and you felt like you didn’t have complete control over it (and it’d often end up in a tree). With 5G, scaled up into a larger business- or mission-critical environment, this lag is a thing of the past. Autonomous vehicles powered by 5G gives you complete control to a sub millisecond. Imagine what this sort of technology could do for your business. 

From the smallest acorn

5G has the power to fuel businesses of all sizes in many different ways. A small business can benefit hugely from a 5G network. Most business is done digitally these days, with online banking, online shopping, and online meetings in the remote working world. SMEs can harness the network and the new technology that 5G brings to transform how they deliver their service directly to customers.

Here are some examples -

  • Agriculture
    Like in the film above, businesses can use drones to assess how crops are doing in real-time. The data can be processed across the 5G network, with sensors and robots watering plants, feeding them, and finally harvesting them. With these processes automated, the business can be more efficient; harvesting more crops at a time means more financial gain – and less wastage. These types of automation can be applied to all different types of businesses. ‘Going green’ is a big priority for lots of us, and this sort of tech can support this..

  • Retail
    5G’s improved connectivity will not only make businesses more discoverable online but improve online apps and services, making them more seamless on customer devices. And 5G powered tech like Virtual Reality (VR) could create something like a virtual dressing room - a whole new experience for your customer.

To the largest oak

5G is set to change larger industries too. Here are just a few examples -

  • Manufacturing. 5G private wireless provides the connectivity that manufacturers need to digitally transform and to maximise output and business results. Worker connected tools and remote maintenance improve safety while remote industrial robotic increase production.
  • Healthcare. Robots can be used to help distribute medicine and equipment when and where it’s needed. 5G private wireless helps to autonomously deliver this to patients. This automation improves productivity, as the robots can work 24/7 if needed. Plus, 5G private wireless can provide the speed, bandwidth, and connectivity needed to continuously collect data from IoT devices, like ingestible camera pills for diagnostic imaging, VR for pain reduction, mobile patient monitoring, and more.
  • Mining.  Automating critical processes is an important part of increasing the operational efficiency and productivity of mines and improve worker safety, reliability and quality. 5G private wireless, industrial IOT, and technologies like AR/VR and artificial intelligence (AI) let mining companies optimise decision making and automate processes.

The benefits for all

Both small and large businesses can benefit from the power of 5G.

With increased bandwidth comes more capacity and improved connectivity. And with its low latency (the time between telling a wireless device to do something and the action being completed), there’s no delays and no lag – meaning complete control over something like a vehicle or robot.


Or put it in a day-to-day context. The mobile data speeds of 5G leaves even the fastest home broadband network in the dust. This means higher quality video and voice calls, and faster streaming of business content. Remote working will be seamless.

Plus, it's set to help businesses work faster and more efficiently with the technology to go with it, which then turns into cost savings and revenue increases in the long run.

Our partnership with Nokia

Nokia is one of the world’s leading providers of technology for critical networks. And we’re one of the UK’s leading providers of fixed and mobile networks. For years, we've worked together to help provide businesses with the technology and networks they need to succeed. Together, we’ve deployed private wireless networks in a few different industries.

  • Airports. They weren’t originally built for the data-hungry world we live in now, so our partnership provided wireless connectivity, dedicated to operational services.
  • Manufacturing. A reliable, resilient wireless connection was needed to support the automation journey between humans and robots – helping to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Mining. Automating this industry was beyond the capabilities of today’s Wi-Fi networks. But with a 5G private wireless network the mining industry can now drill, blast, haul, and crush to its heart’s content. 

And that’s not all. We’re now working closely to bring the 5G network and the applications it pairs perfectly with to industries. These blueprints will be key to digital transformation strategies and plans over the next few years.

What 5G means for us

5G means a lot more than just speedy download times (though that’s good too). And we use the EE network, meaning you’re covered in more places than any other in the UK.

But think about something like IoT. With a 5G network, lots of devices can be connected at the same time. And the sensors that come with IoT will allow for new tech, like self-driving cars, drones, and robots to come to life. Deliveries will be quicker, security tighter, road safety will be improved, and business efficiency ratings through the roof. Sounds good, right?

Whatever your business may be, it’s better with 5G and a private wireless network.