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Protecting your business reputation starts with cyber security

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Episode 1: Securing your reputation

Reputation is the foundation of every small business. And when it comes to cyber security, your track record for protecting customer data from a data breach could be the difference between a quiet month and a game-changing deal. Despite this, small business owners continue to undersell their digital security credentials. And many mistakenly regard their data protection as ‘good enough’. So how do you protect your reputation, and use your digital security to promote your business? Listen to the podcast to find out.

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In this episode of In good company, you’ll find out:

  • how to tell if your data storage security is up to scratch
  • the simple steps you can take to protect your personal data
  • why it’s important to let customers know they’re in safe hands – and how to do it

A flavour of what you'll hear

“Treat security as an investment not a cost, if you want to supercharge your business and put a moat around your brand reputation.”

Veronique Barbosa

COO, Flux


The company you'll be in

Meet your host: Kate Russell

Kate’s a regular on the BBC’s technology programme, Click. She’s also the author of ‘Working the Cloud’, which shows you the best ways to use the internet to develop your small business.

Kate Russell

Meet the SME: Veronique Barbosa

Veronique is the COO and co-founder of digital receipts and loyalty cards startup, Flux. Their app offers users digital receipts that show exactly what they’ve bought, along with any loyalty points or rewards they’ve collected, and stores them in their banking apps.


Meet the SME: Tom Reay

Tom is the CTO and another co-founder of Flux. This multi-award-winning startup has already partnered with Barclays, EAT, Costa and Itsu.

Learn more

Meet the expert: Scott Helme

Scott Helme is a security researcher. His background has seen him talk at tech conferences around the world, comment on breaking news and provide independent verification of stories for The Guardian, BBC News, WIRED, The Independent and others.

Scott Helme