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It pays to improve customer experience

Find out how to put customer service excellence at the centre of your business

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S2, Ep4: Personalising customer experiences

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From being on first-name terms with your customer to knowing how many sugars they take in their coffee, SMEs have always excelled at offering personal touches. But nowadays customers want more. They expect to be able to shop in-store, online and on mobile – while still getting an experience that’s tailored to them.

How can digital tools help you offer personal service beyond their expectations? What can do you to improve user experience online (UX design)? And how can you communicate with customers one-on-one on social media? Listen to the podcast to find out.

In this episode of In good company, we find out

  • How digital pathfinders created brilliant customer experiences
  • If online influencers can help you target new customers
  • Which tools and tech, like chatbots, can help SMEs stay open 24/7

A flavour of what you'll hear

“It’s the smallest thing that causes the biggest issue. Our website didn’t really work for mobiles, so we just fixed it.”

Jamie Laing

Candy Kittens


The company you'll be in

Meet your host: Kate Russell

Kate’s our regular podcast host, star of the BBC’s tech show, Click, and author of ‘Working the Cloud’ with online tips for small businesses.

Kate Russell

Meet the SME: Melinda Nicci

Melinda is CEO and founder of Baby2Body, a health and wellbeing app that provides support for mums-to-be during and after pregnancy.


Meet the SME: Jamie Laing

The ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Jamie is co-founder of Candy Kittens after finding a niche in the gourmet sweet market.

Candy Kittens

Meet the SME: Edward Williams

Edward is co-founder and Managing Director of Candy Kittens, selling confectionery sweets online and in supermarkets.

Candy Kittens

Meet the expert: Adrian Swinscoe

Author of ‘How to Wow’ and ‘Punk CX’, Adrian is a customer experience expert, helping big and small stand out from the crowd.

Adrian Swinscoe