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What will 5G mean for businesses?

Hear how mobile-centric SMEs are connecting better with everyone, and how the 5G network will make it even easier

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S2, Ep2: Moving to ‘mobile first’

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The way we work is on the move. While almost everyone uses their smartphone at work, the most innovative businesses are changing the way they use them. With apps doing more and more, many SMEs are going ‘mobile first’.

Why should you put mobile at the centre of your business? How can you work from your phone to handle customer payments and manage your entire team? What is 5G? And how will this next-gen network create new opportunities for SMEs? Listen to the podcast to find out.

In this episode of In good company, you’ll find out:

  • The pluses and minuses of working ‘mobile first’ every day
  • The cloud-based tools you’ll need to make the move
  • How 5G will make it even easier for SMEs to go ‘mobile first’

A flavour of what you'll hear

“It's made our business a lot more efficient, so we can do a lot with less resource. And it's also made us think about the type of business that we want to be.”

Lianne Gatti



The company you'll be in

Meet your host: Kate Russell

Kate’s our regular podcast host, star of the BBC’s tech show, Click, and author of ‘Working the Cloud’ with online tips for small businesses.

Kate Russell

Meet the SME: Lianne Gatti

Lianne is the Commercial Director for AccountsIQ, a cloud-based financial management software company. They also work in the cloud, with employees worldwide.


Meet the SME: Will Read

Will is the founder and CEO of software startup, Sideways 6, helping companies like Diageo, Sainsbury’s and British Airways encourage their employees to share ideas about improving the business.

Sideways 6

Meet the expert: Stefan Thomas

Stefan is the author of Amazon bestseller ‘Business Networking for Dummies’ and shares his experiences on how being ‘mobile first’ helps SMEs be better connected.

Stefan Thomas

Meet the expert: John Chyriwsky

John is leading BT’s launch of 5G for small and medium businesses and shares his views on how a 5G network will create new opportunities for SMEs.

John Chyriwsky