We want to help your business get ahead of the curve. And we’ve brought together an expert panel to help. We chat through the key steps you need to take to digitally transform your business for the better. We’ve got experts from BT, but also:

Willmott Dixon – A company changing the face of construction by combining digital connectivity with emerging AR, VR and collaboration tools.

Condense Reality – An exciting, digital-first start-up, pushing the boundaries of sports entertainment with volumetric video.

How’s technology shaping the future?

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Lisa Perkins, Adastral Park and Realisation Director at BT & Nick Fellingham, CEO of Condense Reality

Lisa Perkins takes us through the cutting-edge expertise to help inform your tech transformation. Did you know 150 high-tech businesses work alongside us at our innovation hub, Adastral Park? Including volumetric video pioneers, Condense Reality. This innovative start-up is pushing the boundaries of the sporting world using volumetric video. But it’s opening doors for other industries too. Take a look at the future of collaborative technology and see how your business could benefit.

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Joanna Carman, BT’s Digital and Customer Experience Director

Joanna Carman explores how collaboration & partnership may be the key to an organisation’s digital success. Hear her experience of leading a wide variety of digital transformation journeys, from start-ups to large corporates, and challenges faced along the way. Packed with valuable insight and top tips, take a look now.

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Alan Ramsay, CIO of Willmott Dixon & Account Director James Reeves

Hear how AR, VR and collaboration tools are helping Willmott Dixon to improve productivity, reduce its carbon footprint and create new immersive customer experiences. Willmott Dixon have dramatically transformed their approach to construction by combining digital connectivity with emerging AR/VR and collaboration tools. Could you make a change?

Diving into Willmott Dixon

The construction industry isn’t normally known for its tech adoption. But Willmott Dixon have paved the way for the industry to digitally transform. See how they’ve improved productivity, connectivity and reduced their carbon footprint.

Revolutionising industries

Let’s take a deeper dive into the world of Adastral park. Lisa Perkins takes us through the tech that’s changing the business space – and the unharnessed power of 5G. 


The right tech for you

Has seeing all this tech in action spurred you on? Ready to make a change? Let’s do it.

And there’s more

Our the Future is Now programme showcases innovative businesses at their best. The latest instalment stars Condense Reality. A business challenging the art of the possible by using volumetric video. Haven’t heard of it? It could transform your business.