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Tech is evolving daily. And businesses are finding it hard to keep up. We recently conducted a survey with YouGov, looking at the digital trends and emerging technology that UK businesses are adopting and avoiding. But we want to go further. Our recent event explored the survey findings – looking at why businesses aren’t adopting new tech and what action they should be taking to get ahead.

And we’ve split it into bite-size chunks so you can watch on the go. Why not take a look? 

Hear from our panel of experts

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Chapter 1: The tech pulse of UK Business

Change can be hard. Is that why UK businesses aren’t adopting emerging technology? It can be difficult to know what to prioritise when tech is developing so rapidly.

In this video, we find out what businesses could be missing out on by not adopting new technology, such as all-IP and 5G. And we address the security concerns that can come with making a tech change.

Speakers: With Fotis Karonis, CTIO, Georgina Williams, Enterprise Voice & Collaboration Director and Kevin Brown, Managing Director of Security at BT.

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Chapter 2: The future of work

What is the future of work going to look like? With so many businesses operating remotely, some changes are definitely here to stay.

Dr Nicola Millard takes us through what hybrid working is – and the benefits it can bring.

And Nick McQuire discusses the technology on the horizon - set to change remote working forever. Why not take a look and see where your business could make a change?

Speakers: With Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner at BT and Nick McQuire, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Research at CCS Insight.

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Chapter 3: Tech in action: Building an autonomous town

The University of Warwick is the first 5G enabled university in the country. It’s getting ahead of its competition by using the power of technology to transform how students and staff study and work. But what does this actually mean?

Well, they’re deploying autonomous vehicles for a start – to help ferry around students and educators alike. Plus, they’re using ‘Telemedicine’ and data to improve the health and wellbeing of students.

Speakers: With Sarah Walker, Director, North & Midlands, Corporate & Public Sector BT and David Plumb, Chief Innovation Officer, University of Warwick.

The Future in 2020 – Your questions, our answers

In our recent event, The Future in 2020, you had some questions we didn’t have time to answer. So, our BT experts came together once more - and have come up with even more insights into our recent survey with YouGov for you to take a look at.


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