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Crafting the workplace of the future

In this episode, we’re focusing on the hybrid world of work. Is remote working the future? Or is it better to divide your time between the office and home? We’ve got experts from not only BT, but Ericsson too, to chat through the tech that’s making hybrid-heaven a reality. Are you ready to explore the possibilities hybrid working brings?

How’s technology shaping the future?

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Unpacking hybrid working

With Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner here at BT

We’ve heard a lot about the ‘new normal’. But is hybrid working here to stay? Dr Millard takes us through how businesses just like yours can benefit from the new opportunities that hybrid working brings.

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The tech behind the teamwork

With Katherine Ainley, CEO of Ericsson UK and Ireland

Discover how emerging tech is transforming the way teams collaborate - from anywhere. Do you want your business to be faster, more cost effective, and fully accessible? Find out how. 

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Transforming workplace learning in a hybrid world

With John Vickery, Principal Technology Partner here at BT

Does immersive learning really work? Can it be an ‘expert in the room’ that allows your employees to train remotely and efficiently? And how’s it all possible? John Vickery takes us through it all. Plus, he shows us how enhanced connectivity, paired with technology from our partner Microsoft, is helping to increase learning capabilities with a new ‘smart glasses’ system.  

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Discover the tech in action at Adastral Park

With Lisa Perkins, Director of Research and Innovation here at BT

See the tech demonstrated live from Adastral Park, the research hub of BT. We then have a chat with Lisa Perkins, who goes through how the technology can benefit your organisation, no matter the size or industry.  

And there’s more

Tech is changing our lives in many different ways – including how we digest new information; how we learn. Steph McGovern takes us away from our desks and into the Interactive Immersive Classroom, where North Lanarkshire Council have transformed the way children are learning now. But how is this emerging tech, 5G, and the cloud going to impact workplace training in the future?