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How Heaps + Stacks has successfully embraced virtual events

Heaps + Stacks is an event design company. Starting out in 2016, the goal was to become the go-to agency for workshops and interactive moments.

Today, the business is still run by its founder and director, Keziah Wildsmith. And with a diverse client list, which includes companies like Google, Soho House and Nike, Heaps + Stacks is well on the way to its dream of ‘world domination’. 

A lot of its work is live events and interactive workshops. But in this modern digital age, Heaps + Stacks wanted to see how the business could work online. But how can a company based solely around face-to-face events make the transition into the digital world?

Let’s take a look at how they made the jump. 

Moving from physical to digital   

Having a digital transformation plan in place helped Keziah seamlessly host her events on digital platforms.

“One example of this was for a fashion brand client,” says Keziah. ”We had a 3D camera scan the event space, then tagged the products with interactive buttons. Guests at home could ‘walk’ around the venue virtually, and click to find out more information about each product.”

Heaps + Stacks had never done anything like this before. But the agency was really impressed with what could be achieved with technology. 

Embracing new technologies

Creating virtual events was just the start for Heaps + Stacks. Keziah and the team understood the value in using other digital technologies, and channels they’d never used before, to expand their offering. This not only helped their business – their clients could continue reaching their customers too.   

“We’ve been doing Instagram ‘takeovers’ for various London members clubs,” says Keziah. “We temporarily take over their account and share content with their audience.”

She adds: “We’ve had to learn how to cross-promote these sessions to garner a good attendance, subsequently growing our online presence, and making us think harder about our social media strategy.”

Heaps + Stacks has also been using technology to develop existing client relationships. Running events usually involves close personal interaction with clients, but moving that online now needs a good quality video conferencing to make a strong first impression on new clients.

“We’ve been pitching to brands through video calls and have found the screen-sharing tool really useful, as we can run through our presentations digitally,” says Keziah. “We’re beginning to learn how to form relationships with new clients solely online, which is a tricky skill to master.”

Expanding the business

Heaps + Stacks didn’t stop there. It continued using digital technology to diversify the business and introduce new income streams. This time, by adding a shop to the company website.

The online store sells craft packs, so people can now make handmade cards at home, replacing the workshops Heaps + Stacks used to run.

“Our journey into e-commerce has served as an extra revenue driver,” says Keziah. “We’ve been getting our heads around Shopify, privacy policies, and returns policies, as well as shooting our own content. We’re marketing it on our social channels, and it’s proving quite a hit!”

Keziah and the team have also upped the frequency of their newsletter, from monthly to weekly. And instead of talking about events that they’ve done, they’re creating a stream of helpful content for subscribers, such as alternative programming ideas on video conferencing platforms.

Keziah concludes: “We – like many businesses – are having to think about what we can do now, and work on developing our digital skills to help make that happen.” 

Learning new digital skills

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