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Watch the expert discussions from our ‘Empowering Change’ event

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Why digital transformation matters more than ever – and how to deliver it faster.

Mike Sherman, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, BT.



(15.24 minutes watch)

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How the Met Police are connecting their people to transform policing and become one of the most trusted forces in the world.

Alex Blatchford, Digital Service Delivery Director, Metropolitan Police.

(17.52 minutes watch)

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How BT Sport has embraced a fully remote model and radicalised their channel operation.

Andy Beale, Chief Engineer, BT Sport.                                                                         

(15.17 minutes watch)

The digital transformation event series

We recently held an event with our partners at Cisco. Accelerating Change had both analysis from our experts, and insight from our customers about collaboration through times of change. It’s well worth a watch.

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The facts about our network and coronavirus

We’ve been helping with the challenges of remote working through our network. But now, we want to help ease you back into the office.

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The strategy to driving change

If digital transformation has been pushed to the top of your priorities, here’s where to start when it comes to laying out your strategy.

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Digital transformation in media

Discover how digital transformation allowed BT to broadcast live programmes worldwide with all the media teams working remotely.

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Our top tips for digital transformation (video)

Hear our digital transformation tips from our Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Michael Sherman.

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Skills for Tomorrow

Brush up on your digital skills. We’ve got a whole host of resources available to ensure you’ve got the tools and techniques needed to embrace the digital world. We’ve partnered with leading organisations in their respective fields to bring you the best business courses and resources for free. Whether it’s digital leadership or how to bust bureaucracy.

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Tools to drive change

We’re excited about what digital transformation can do for your business. And you should be too. Discover our tools which can help support your drive to change.