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Cyber-security solutions and services

Open your business to more customers, not hackers – start safe, with BT

Security is vitally important

Cyber attacks on businesses are rising. And as the world becomes more digital, that means more services you need to protect. You want to grow your business, without giving the hackers an open door. 

That’s where we can help. We’ll find you the right tools to secure your business, with plenty of advice on how to stay protected. So you can keep your customer data, your reputation and your wallet safe. We’ll help you start your digital journey. Securely.

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Benefits of security solutions

You’re your own best defence

Spotting when someone’s phishing for your password – or tricking your team into downloading malicious files – that’s half the battle. Attend our Skills for Tomorrow talks for free advice on how to keep cyber criminals at bay.

Tailored to evolve with you

And we can bring all your security together and manage it for you. With full visibility of your network, you can stop breaches early, before they turn into something more serious.

Put yourself in safe hands

Not only do we protect the UK’s most critical infrastructure, we’re used to protecting ourselves, too. We successfully block 6,500 potential attacks a day and over 100 million malicious communications every month. 

Find the latest security tools to suit your business

1-250 Employees 

250+ Employees

Why BT

We have high standards

We’re vendor agnostic and only sell the best, most well-tested solutions on the market. We’ve taken the best products from 200 vendors and have strategic partnerships with 16 of them. So we can advise you on which solution is best for your business, without bias.

We protect the nation

We manage the UK’s national infrastructure, including the emergency services, intelligence and defence services. We also protect thousands of business, so we know how to protect the most precious assets, including yours.

We’ve been doing this for more than 70 years

With more than 3,000 security experts keeping businesses in every sector safe, we’ve seen every kind of attack: from businesses getting held to ransom to trade secrets being revealed. We know how to stay ahead of attackers and protect against whatever they try.

Find the latest security tools to suit your business

1-250 Employees 

250+ Employees

Things you need to know

Cyber attacks on businesses are rising

During 2020, BT Security has managed over 31,000 high DDoS traffic alerts. That’s a 225% increase from last year.