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How to improve your quality score

What is quality score in search?

In the Digital Marketing Hub, quality score is measured as Ad relevance and Landing page relevance. Both can help you understand how relevant Google thinks a keyword is in relation to your ads and landing pages (Below average, Average or Above average).

The quality of keywords is determined by a number of factors, including how relevant your ad text is to searches, how likely people are to click your ad, and the quality of their experience once they reach your landing page. A higher quality score generally leads to better performance, including better ad position and lower cost per click (CPC). Quality score is reassessed every time your ad shows and can change over time.

Where can I see the quality score in the Digital Marketing Hub?

When you go to Manage keywords in your campaign, you will see Ad relevance and Landing Page relevance for each of your keywords.

If a keyword’s quality score is Pending, it means that there aren't enough searches that exactly match your keyword to determine the keyword’s quality score.

What to do to improve quality score

The simplest way to improve your overall keyword quality is to check your current keywords and remove any with a low score that are not essential to your business. Then add some highly relevant keywords that stand for exactly what you do.

For example, as a cake shop, you might have the keyword ‘cake’ in your campaign. You mainly sell personalised cakes to order. People who search for ‘cake’ could be looking for cake ideas, cake decorations or cake recipes. To help overall quality score, remove ‘cake’, which probably has a low score. Now you’ll still want to get relevant searches for what you offer, so you could add keywords like ‘personalised cake’ or ‘cakes to order’. These types of keywords usually have a higher quality score because they are more specific.

You can further help quality score by making sure your ads and landing page contain the same messaging. E.g. ‘Try our personalised cakes’ or ‘Order cakes for pickup or delivery’.

Aligning your keywords, ad copy and message on your landing page will 1. Lead people who are searching to where they want to go, 2. Show Google that your keywords and ads correspond to your offering, and 3. Help your click-through rate and quality score as a result.

Quality score changes over time and often improves if your campaign performs well. If your quality score stays low and the campaign is not performing well, try to align your keywords, ad copy and landing page message.

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