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How to link Facebook in the Hub

Advertising on Facebook requires a Facebook Business page, which is separate from your personal Facebook page, as it represents your business. Linking your business page in the Hub sends potential customers to your brand’s Facebook page when they click your ad. Setting up a page and connecting it in the Hub only takes a few minutes, and we’ll guide you through the necessary steps.

For extra help connecting your Facebook in the Hub, go to the last section of this article.

Create a Facebook Business page

To set up a Facebook Business page, you need to log into your personal Facebook profile, and have a logo and one cover photo prepared to use for the new page. 

Once you have your images, follow these steps:

  1. Go to facebook.com/pages/create.
  2. Enter the name of your business (e.g. Beautiful Bakes).
  3. Categories will autopopulate when you start to type. Find the one that best fits your brand (e.g. Bakery).
  4. Write a short description of your business to help people understand what value you offer.
  5. Click Create page.
  6. Add a profile picture, such as your logo for example.
  7. Add a cover photo that represents your business.
  8. Click Save.

Now is a good time to add elements such as your opening times, details on how to get in touch, and the latest offers. Or you can save those important steps for later and go straight to linking your new page in the Hub.

Link Instagram to your Business page

Add Instagram to your Facebook page to extend your Facebook advertising to Instagram. You’ll need an Instagram business account for this. If you already have a personal account, you can switch it to a business account by going to Settings > Account > Switch to professional account. Select Business and choose the type of business that best fits what you are doing. 

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can set one up in just a few steps. Go to www.instagram.com, click Sign up and log in with your Facebook credentials.

Link your Instagram to your Facebook. 

  1. Open your Facebook page.
  2. Go to Settings and select Instagram.
  3. Select Connect account. Make sure that the "Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox" is toggled on.
  4. Click Continue. 
  5. Enter your Instagram account's username and password, and select Log in.

Now that you have an Instagram business account that is linked to your Facebook page, you are ready to link it in the Hub.

How to link your Facebook page to the Hub

Once your Facebook Business page is set up, you’re ready to connect it to the Hub and start advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Admin access is required to link the Facebook page, so make sure you have the right permissions. (If you set up the page, you’re automatically the admin.) 

You can link your Facebook Page to the Hub in one of two ways: In the Digital Marketing Hub, either click on My Account > Business profile in the top right corner, or select Facebook and Instagram as a channel during campaign setup. Click Connect Facebook & Instagram.  


Click connect or log into Facebook, and you’ll be asked to select the business page you want to link to.

Select the page you want to use, click the Connect to Facebook Business Page and the link will be created. You can see what page your BT advertising is connected to in your Business Profile.


This connection is also visible on Facebook. On your Facebook Business page, go to Page settings > Page roles, and you can see the Hub being linked under Agencies.

Unlinking the Hub and Facebook will disconnect your campaigns and your Facebook advertising might stop, so check before you unlink.

Having issues linking Facebook?

If you can’t link as mentioned, you’ll be notified where the problem is. You either don’t have the right permissions to link, your page is linked to a business manager you don’t have admin access to, or there are Facebook account health issues. Depending on the error message you get, try one of the following:

If you don’t have the right permissions

Check you’re an admin of your Facebook Business page: View the Facebook admin access profiles on the Page settings > Page roles > Existing Page roles. If you’re not an admin yourself, ask one of the current admins to go to their Page role page and add your email associated with your Facebook account under Assign a new Page role, and choose Admin in the selection before clicking Add. This will add you as an admin. Now, try to link it again in the Hub.

If your page is already linked to a Business Manager

Check if your Facebook Business page has been added to a Facebook Business Manager account that you don’t have admin access to. This is a common occurrence when you previously worked with an agency which managed your page or advertising. Ask the Business Manager owner to add you as an admin to the Business Manager. You also need to have admin rights to the page before trying to link again.

If there are Facebook account health issues

Check if there are any issues with your Facebook account under Account Quality > Account Issues. Resolve any outstanding issues before you try to link again in the Hub.

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