Digital Marketing Hub

Everything you need to make sense of the world of online marketing,

so you can make your mark on the world.

Everything you need to make sense of the world of online marketing,

so you can make your mark on the world.


The Digital Marketing Hub from BT is an all-in-one platform designed to help your business transform its digital marketing. 

Create, publish, measure, and optimise your paid multi-channel campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google. All from one place. 

Marketing with control
What our users are saying

Businesses just like yours share their views on the hub, and the impact marketing automation had on their digital campaigns.

Natural Grace

"As a track athlete with a passion for sustainability, founding Natural Grace enabled me to create high performance sportswear whilst tackling the pressing issue of ocean plastic. The BT Digital Marketing Hub really helps to streamline an essential part of the business. I can monitor and make changes to my online ads without having to move from one platform to another. It’s really simple to use and has given us invaluable insights."

Grace Osborne, Founder of Natural Grace London

The Mango Girl

"I’ve always had a passion for creating things. It’s why I started handmaking skin care products and why I set up The Mango Girl business in 2019. The support from the BT Digital Marketing Hub has been great. The team helped me to create a series of display ads and Facebook Ads, which has helped me identify the right audiences and optimise activity to ensure I’m getting the best return from my budget."

Dr. Ava Eagle, CEO and Founder of The Mango Girl


"We partner with schools to introduce drama as part of the learning process. We’ve traditionally worked with schools across London, but thanks to the Digital Marketing Hub we’re reaching totally new audiences across the UK. The BT service has been a gamechanger – it’s easy to use, it’s flexible and it’s opened my eyes to new areas we can advertise in. We’ve been involved in the process right from the start – the BT team are experts in how to optimise activity and it’s been a real learning curve. Our campaign has turned enquiries into conversions and that, for us, is gold dust."

Mike Southern, Director and Co-Founder of Stage-ed

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