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If we’re already working with you, please get in touch with your account team or account manager. We’re happy to talk through the technology solutions we can offer to support your business.

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Why network security is crucial

Business is more digital than ever. While this creates new opportunities, it also comes with new cybersecurity risks. Our dedicated security solutions will make sure your network can stand up to any potential attacks – protecting your business and your reputation. 

Benefits of network security solutions

Stop threats to your business

Protect every aspect of your network from potential threats. 

Get 24/7 protection

We've 3,000 security experts and 16 accredited global security operation centres that monitor and manage your network around the clock. 

Solutions built for you

From next generation firewall services and SD-WAN solutions to DDOS mitigation and embedded security controls, we create digital defences that work for you. 

Protection for the future

The threat landscape changes fast. But we can make sure your network can outsmart challenges to future-proof your investment and maximise your potential. 


How to secure your SD-WAN

Discover the security implications of SD-WAN and learn how to mitigate against these vulnerabilities. So you can protect your business and your reputation.

Watch our video to find out how you can secure your network.

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Products and services

Secure your network. Protect your reputation. 

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How to protect your business from cyber attacks with our Managed Firewall solutions

Your firewall is at the heart of your defence. It must be smart, responsive, and one step ahead of potential attacks. Using the very latest technology, we’ll protect your most valuable assets, stopping threats to your network in their tracks.

Discover our Managed Firewall solutions
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Secure your SD-WAN

Futureproof your network. With our managed SD-WAN, you can work safer and smarter. And our team of 3,000 cybersecurity experts will manage everything for you.

Managed SD-WAN
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Intelligent connectivity

New threats require new defences. To make sure your business is up to speed, embrace the latest technology from 5G to software-defined networking, all backed up by our world-class experts.

Make sure your businesses stays agile with intelligent connectivity
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BTnet security

Full protection from cyber-threats with our fully integrated system. No upfront costs, no extra equipment. Just a powerful, reliable network security service for a fixed, monthly cost.

Find out how BTnet security can protect your business
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BTnet DDoS mitigation

A DDoS attack will bring your entire network down. That means downtime, lost revenue, and a tainted reputation. With our intelligent protection service, we’ll detect and mitigate any rogue traffic before it impacts your business.

Faster threat detection and response for a safer estate [PDF 138KB]
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Secure your SD-LAN

Gain full control of who is accessing your site. Shut down access for rogue devices and protect your network from attack. Push out instant updates and apply security patches, all from a single command centre.

Managed SD-LAN
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Managed Embedded Security Controls

Managed Embedded Security Controls is a cloud-based solution offering Next-Generation Firewall capabilities embedded directly into our network and deployed in a multi-tenanted environment. It provides customers with a secure and flexible network, allowing them to safely embrace a hybrid workplace.

Discover Managed Embedded Security Controls

Why BT

We have the experience

We protect our own networks 24/7 from more than 6,500 cyberattacks every day. And we’ll do the same for you.

Get the right tools for you

We’ll work with over 300 vendors so we can put together a security solution that’s tailored to your needs. 

We have strategic partners

We work with market-leading partners that have been carefully selected to provide coverage for the best results.

Useful downloads

For controlling and protecting your data, wherever it’s stored.