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Data security is vital in today’s digital world 

As the digital world continues to grow, more people are paying close attention to what happens to the data they own and generate. Digital transformation is a positive step forward but will only be successful if businesses can guarantee the right security tools and processes in place to prevent loss, theft or unauthorised access to their service users’ data.

We’ve seen an increase in the level of fines imposed for a data-security breach since the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018. It’s important to understand how your risk profile has changed since the changes you’ve made to your business. Compliance should involve a holistic review of risk – looking at the classic trio of people, processes and technology.

To comply with this, you must embed data protection at every level of your enterprise. We have more than 3,000 skilled security experts and consultants. With sophisticated tools and tradecraft, we can see what few others can. We’ll work with you to spot any gaps and help you enhance your existing security measures and deliver industry leading protection for your business.

Dealing with the General Data Protection Regulation

Time to take a fresh look at your data security

General Data Protection Regulation [PDF 1.3MB]