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Track and identify rogue drones in real time

Scan your skies for threats with our tailored detection systems and easy-to-use dashboard

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Get next-level protection, designed for you

Your organisation is unique. So are our solutions. We assess your site then tailor every detection system to your security needs. And offer a range of flexible finance options to suit every budget. Meaning you can strengthen your site with fixed solutions. Empower your security team with handheld and body-worn devices. And detect threats on the go with vehicle-based systems.

Just as drones constantly evolve, so can your security system. We can expand or reconfigure it as your organisation grows. We also regularly update our radio frequency signature database. Meaning you can always detect and identify the latest drones.

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Get a detection system tailored to your needs

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Line of Sight

Know when a drone is nearby and where it might be heading with this low cost but highly customisable radio frequency (RF) detection system.

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RF localisation

This system gives you even more information using two or more directional sensors. So you can pinpoint the exact location of the drone in your coverage area.

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RF detection, RF localisation and optical recognition

Our most advanced system combines RF localisation with optical sensors, so you can double-check what it's detecting. Plus, you can record footage to use as evidence.

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Stay in control with our smarter dashboard

Always be ready. While our detection systems give you an early warning, our browser-based Command and Control dashboard lets you view alerts and control your security solution from almost any device. So you can take immediate action and more easily combat threats.

With our dashboard’s inbuilt tools, you can process information in real-time. Allowing you to collect all the evidence you need to prosecute rogue drone pilots. Or build up a better picture of drone behaviour in your area, helping improve your security set-up.

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Combat drones with active countermeasures

We don’t just detect drones. Where lawful, we can give you countermeasures to tackle threats from unmanned aircraft. These can jam radio frequency (RF) and satellite navigation (GNSS) signals. This will force a rogue drone to either return to its pilot, hover on the spot or land. So you can intercept it before it causes harm. Better protecting your personnel, strategic sites and more.

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Read our report

Despite rogue drone incidents rising, 76% of organisations we surveyed still have no security strategy for dealing with them. Discover how the UK is adapting to the drone age and what’s left to do.

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Refine your security strategy

Find out how the drone threat is growing and how our technology can offer you next-level protection.

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