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Counter drone solutions

Get an expert eye in the sky

Detect and respond to rogue drones threatening your security, privacy and public safety

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Are you ready for the drone age?

Unmanned aircraft are creating new business opportunities. But in the wrong hands, they pose a serious risk to your security, privacy and public safety. You need to rethink your security strategy to face this new threat.

Detect and respond to rogue drones with our tailor-made fixed, mobile and body-worn solutions. We’ve partnered with DroneShield to give you the complete package: world-leading technology and 24/7 customer care. So you can better protect your organisation.

To help you better understand your threat level, we’ll assess your site for free with a Drone Vulnerability Assessment. This includes a detailed report on drone activity in your area. So you can find out how they can impact your organisation.

Contact us now to find out how rogue drones can impact your organisation

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Get security that goes above and beyond

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Understand the threats you’re facing

Better assess if a drone is a danger with a detection system that accurately pinpoints its location, identifies what type it is and where it might be going.

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Respond fast with instant alerts

Get early warnings from our long-range sensors and alerts sent to almost any device. So you can take immediate action.

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Built for you, for the future

Get a detection system tailored to your specific needs. We can also reconfigure and expand it as your organisation grows.

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Combat drones with countermeasures

Where lawful, we can provide active countermeasures that jam radio frequency (RF) and satellite navigation (GNSS) signals to defeat rogue drone threats.

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Get next-level protection

Explore our range of detection system packages that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. Plus, find out how our Command & Control dashboard also helps secure your skies.

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You can trust us to lead the way

While we’ve 75 years experience supplying security solutions to the MoD, police and more, we’ve partnered with DroneShield to provide the complete counter-drone package.

Here’s how Counter drone solutions work

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Keeping businesses running smoothly

Prevent disruption and data hacking with our early warning system and advanced tracking, so you can identify drone threats before they become a problem.

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Protecting UK forces personnel

Make your military bases smarter and safer with our drone detection systems. Where lawful, we can also provide countermeasures so you can combat threats from above.

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Read our report

Despite rogue drone incidents rising, 76% of organisations we surveyed still have no security strategy for dealing with them. Discover how the UK is adapting to the drone age and what’s left to do.

Download our report on drone security [PDF 1.1MB]
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Refine your security strategy

Find out how the drone threat is growing and how our technology can offer you next-level protection.

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