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Security advisory services

Stay safe on your digital journey with tailored guidance from our experts, who can help you find the right solution and test your defences.

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If we’re already working with you, please get in touch with your account team or account manager. We’re happy to talk through the technology solutions we can offer to support your business.

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We’ll help you accelerate your digital journey. Securely.

As the world becomes more digital and cyber attacks increase, more systems and tools need to protect your data. But a cyber security skills shortage means it’s hard to recruit and retain the right people. Managing your own security can put a strain on your IT team. So let our business security consulting team advise you, helping check your current security posture and test your defences, to find the right solution for you.

Discover the benefits of our security advisory services

Avoid data breach and loss

Recognise the threat surface of your business. Protect your critical assets and have a clear, prioritised plan of how to improve the effectiveness of your existing controls. 

Get 24/7 protection

Focus your investment on key threats, in order to deliver maximum value. We have 3,000 security experts and 16 accredited global security operation centres that monitor and manage your infrastructure around the clock. 

Keep compliance happy

Change from reactive to proactive defence. And be confident that you are compliant against all required industry and regulatory frameworks. 

Improve your efficiency

Enhance workplace agility and productivity with a seamless user experience. And easily adapt to other ways of working like mobile, managed services or cloud. 

Cybersecurity consulting products and services

Discover how our managed services can give you the support you need to secure your IT systems and protect your data.

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Compliance Audits

Are you sure your business is fully compliant? Let our UK-based team double-check your data security. They’ll make sure everything is stored safely and in line with the law. And help you find the right solution if it’s not. This way you can avoid hefty fines while protecting your customer base –  and your reputation.

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Security health check

Make sure your cyber-defences are fighting fit. Drawing on our unrivalled experience, accredited expertise and using established frameworks, we’ll assess your defences and define your strategy. To keep your business protected, now and in the future.

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Cloud security

Take control of your cloud. Highly connected and quick to change, cloud traffic can bypass traditional defences, leaving your data exposed if left unchecked. But we can help you plug gaps and better protect all your users.

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Identity maturity assessment

Make sure only the right people can access your data and applications, at the right times and for the right reasons. To give you a clear picture of what your users do on your system,  we can test your defences. Then help you put solutions in place to improve your identity security. 

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Threat prioritisation

You can’t fight on all fronts at once. Trying to defend against every possible cyber attack is a drain on resources. Instead, our experts can assess your organisation and identify the biggest threats you face. We’ll help you find the best solution to combat it so your cyber security is more cost-effective.

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Assume breach

Pinpoint your weak spots before the cybercriminals do. Our team of ethical hackers can test whether your security set-up can really detect threats and protect your systems. Then we can offer strategic security guidance on how they can be improved, and solutions to reinforce your defences.

Why BT

Put yourself in safe hands

 We’re the UK’s largest private cybersecurity employer and all of our team are certified experts. We also have an ISO9001 certificate for quality management.

Get personalised protection

With a mix of security and business expertise, we can create a security strategy and provide defences that are designed to meet your needs.

We have the experience

As the UK’s most secure network, we block 6,500 potential attacks a day. So we know how to combat the latest threats and we can do the same for you.