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Why BT – The Major Corporate Story

Empowering businesses to succeed through technology


Digital has changed everything for business. With so many challenges today, it’s important to rely on the perfect partner.

At BT, we’re driven by a single purpose. To empower our major corporate customers through technology, and give them the competitive advantage to thrive.

Watch our films showing how we support industry leaders to discover the difference we can make. For your customers. Your employees. Your digital transformation. Your business.

For all our solutions, it’s our unique core network, security and service that gives BT the power to deliver. For you.

Improve the way you work


BT Business Moments: Giving Martini Williams Racing the edge on race day

68% of people want better collaboration tools.

Our technology has given Williams Martini Racing the edge that saves them vital seconds on race day.

The secret to being in pole position is working together effectively as a team. See how we’ve helped this F1 team race to the top.

And by teaming up with BT, our Digital Employee capabilities can give you the right solutions to improve the way you work.

We transform disparate employee environments into a seamless experience that drives productivity and increases speed of business.

Keep your people connected


BT Business Moments: Better connecting
Land Rover BAR from ship to shore

77% of CEOs have innovation as a key strategic priority.

Our new thinking combined the power of connectivity and big data for increased performance – and faster sailing.

See how we’ve helped the Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing team keep their people better connected from ship to shore and beyond.

BT’s Digital Business capabilities can keep your people connected too – and increase your business agility and innovation.

Through moving to the cloud and the Internet of Things, we have the right solutions to help businesses stay ahead.

Protect your business and your people


BT Business Moments: Taking the heat out of card payment security for Baxi Heating

48% of businesses have suffered cyber attacks in the last year.

See how we helped Baxi Heating secure their card payment process and keep their customers safe.

Here at BT, including Embedded Security in all we do offers the right solutions to protect your business and your people.

It’s the reassurance that helps customers to manage risk and secure what matters.

Improve the service you give to customers


BT Business Moments: Getting Kingston University top marks for call handling

59% of businesses report revenue growth by prioritising customer experience investments.

See how we’ve helped Kingston University give a better student experience with a flexible way to handle calls.

In BT, we have the right solutions to improve the service you give.

Looking for a smooth and consistent customer experience across multiple touchpoints? Our Digital Customer capabilities make it easy.

Talk to us today about how we can help you on your digital transformation journey tomorrow.