Smart Connected Bases

Improving the operational information flow

Information flow is key to maintaining mission excellence and improving the operational effectiveness of today’s armed forces base. With the right infrastructure and wi-fi connectivity you can give people on your base the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time. And once that core infrastructure is in place you can achieve even greater operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Defence Business Internet – a tried and tested flexible working solution

Our Defence Business Internet (DBI) solution is helping to improve operational readiness across many bases by giving personnel the freedom to carry out their roles and responsibilities when away from their desk. As a business grade wi-fi solution for the MoD it offers free access at Official security level and is currently the flexible working solution of choice for many armed forces bases. With our 5m BT Wi-fi hotspots flexible working can extend far beyond the confines of the base.

Download our brochure for details of our DBI managed service

A more efficient and effective wi-fi enabled base

The benefits of a wi-fi enabled base go even further:

  • Wire-free surveillance cameras where you need them
  • Digital signage or tannoy systems can push tailored messages out to designated areas
  • With RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) you can keep track of high value items
  • Daily tasks can be allocated to hand-held mobile devices

With EE’s 4G network and rapid site set-up capability or tethered drones we can help deliver wi-fi connectivity in hard to reach places.

Our free desk based survey can help you understand your site’s requirements such as how many buildings need coverage; which will help you create the funding business case.

If you would like to find out if you are eligible for this service, we just need a few details or call us on 0800 783 9053.

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