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Local security matters

Taking cyber security seriously to protect your organisation and your people

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Keep your organisation and your people safe from cybercrime

Everyone relies on the care provided by local government and healthcare organisations like yours. But how do you know you’re in safe hands too? And how can you be sure you're protected against risks to your security?

We do everything in our power to keep our network – and our customers – protected. We've a global team of over 2,600 security experts focused on anticipating, identifying and stamping out the threat of cyber crime, 

Today we’re giving you an insight into some of the highly-skilled individuals driving our innovative thinking. As in local government and healthcare, it’s the people that really make the difference.

We’ll protect your organisation the way we do ours. And when we take care of your cybersecurity, you can focus on what really matters.

Digital transformation – how to secure your organisation

Delivering digital transformation while addressing regulatory compliance and growing risks to cyber security is key for local government and health sectors.

In our webinar, BT’s Danny Longbottom (Director, Local Government & Health) and Mark Hughes (President, BT Security) joined Martin Courtney (TechMarketView analyst) to explore the ways forward.

Watch the webinar replay to find out how you can embed security in your strategy.

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We'll protect your organisation just as strictly as we do ours

The UK faces over 700 DDoS attacks on average every day – that’s one every two minutes. With the potential to paralyse a healthcare provider or even bring down a government, cyber crime is big news – and nobody wants to be next to make headlines for the wrong reasons.

On our network, we block 14,000,000 unauthorised connection attempts a day. And with over 100,000 devices and 6,000 buildings to protect in 180 countries, we’ve been setting security standards worldwide for years.

Watch to find out how our Embedded Security solutions can protect your organisation the way we do ours.

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Meet the team making your businesses safer

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It takes all sorts of skillsets to keep your data safe

Konstantinos, Melanie and Amy are part of a multi-talented team making sure organisations like yours are protected like ours.

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Konstantinos Karagiannis, CTO and blockchain hacker

Keeping ahead of the hackers is key – so it pays to have one on your team to protect you and your people. Konstantinos tells us more about his unique specialism. “We like to simulate the exact attacks that the real bad guys out in the wild are doing. Hacking is a constant learning experience.”

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Melanie Johnstone, Head of Threat Intelligence

Spotting potential threats and finding the source is the responsibility of Melanie and her team. And the insight they provide into global security incidents helps protect us all. “Our customers received intelligence around WannaCry six weeks in advance. You can start to put plans in place before it hits you.”

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Amy Lemberger, Head of Incident Response

Because launching a cyber attack is relatively easy, it’s critical to have far-reaching protection. Amy highlights the help we’ve given to the NHS, and our strength and depth. “The bad guys step up their game. Which means me need to move fast to keep up – and actually get out ahead in front of them.”

How do you keep up with today’s data security challenges?

Specialist security solutions for local government and healthcare

The Local Government Association has highlighted the importance of more funding for local councils to fight cyber attacks.

And with digital transformation a top priority for the public sector, there’s never been a better time to talk seriously about security.

Danny Longbottom, Director of Local Government and Health, highlights how BT has unrivalled capabilities to protect your personal data and systems in this increasingly digital world.

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A practical guide to security – download the report today

Protecting your local government or healthcare organisation from the growing threat of cybercrime can be complex and challenging.

So having the opportunity to draw on our knowledge and share the experience of organisations we work with shouldn’t be missed.

In this report – published in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attack – you’ll discover the five key stages of cyber security you’ll need to navigate to protect your organisation from attack.

Future-proof your organisation and keep your network safe

As healthcare providers and local government organisations increasingly turn to technology to improve operations, margins and people’s experiences, cyber security is an ever-growing concern.

BT’s ‘Future security’ whitepaper examines many of the threats facing organisations, and explores the latest innovations and approaches you can adopt to better protect your organisation now and in future.

With a wide range of cyber security solutions you can benefit from, there’s no better time to download the ‘Future security’ whitepaper.

Is your organisation GDPR-compliant?

Huge fines, not to mention the loss of reputation, face organisations that fail to meet the new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) standards. We’re here to help you prepare.

Watch our half-hour webinar replay to understand what GDPR means for you, and how to make plans now to demonstrate compliance. And download our GDPR whitepaper to help you take a fresh look at security.

Find out how you can turn the challenge of GDPR into an opportunity.

Digital transformation

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What are the key lessons to learn in the fight against cybercrime?

The team joins key business figures to discuss the security challenges faced by our customers.

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What opportunities do next-generation technologies present to organisations?

Watch the video to see how some of our key customers are adapting to new technologies to increase efficiencies.

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How do you turn the security conversation into a business enabler?

By adapting to new technologies, and new regulations, you’re enabling your organisation to do more.

Listen to the podcasts from our security heroes

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What makes our team tick?

Find out the impact their roles have on customers, and their personal drives.

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All you need to know

A full-length podcast examining our critical security infrastructure.

Watch the videos from our previous roundtable

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Digital transformation

The panel examines whether digital transformation is the key to success or a security risk too far.

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Cultural factors

It’s important to explore how certain cultural factors affect security for organisations.

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Understanding the biggest changes to security is vital for organisations if they want to adapt.

Products and services to protect your organisation

DDoS: Safeguard your reputation and revenue

Managing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in-house can be complex and costly. We can stop attacks before they hit, removing the worries and risks.

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Managed Firewall: Safeguard your network

Cyber attacks can strike at any time. Rely on our expert team managing and monitoring your firewall around the clock, 365 days a year. It’s reassuring to be in safe hands.

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