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Taking cyber security seriously to protect your organisation and your people

Now more than ever, the public looks to us all to keep them in safe hands. Whether it’s policing the streets, providing care through government services, or ensuring their cyber security. Together we share the responsibility of protecting people.

Though we can call on cutting-edge technology to achieve this, it’s the people that really make the difference. So now’s an ideal team to meet some of our talented individuals leading the battle against cyber crime.

By watching the videos, reading the reports, registering for the webinars and contacting us to find out more, you can get a unique insight into the innovative thinking and teamwork keeping our network – and our customers – safe from threats to security.

Because with us protecting your organisation the way we do ours, you can provide even better protection and crucial public services for us all.


Protecting your organisation like we do ours

Cyber crime is big news – and nobody wants to be the next organisation making the headlines for the wrong reasons.

On our network, we block 14,000,000 unauthorised connection attempts a day. And with over 100,000 devices and 6,000 buildings to protect in 180 countries, we’ve been setting security standards worldwide for years.

Because cyber crime has the potential to bring down governments – and even the police are targets – weaving data and digital best practice into the fabric of your organisation is key. See how our Embedded Security solutions can protect your organisation the way we do ours.

Digital transformation – how to secure your organisation: Watch our latest webinar

Central government and police face an ever-increasing challenge to deliver digital transformation securely.

In our recent webinar, Danny Longbottom (Director, Local Government & Health), Mark Hughes (President, BT Security) and Martin Courtney (TechMarketView analyst) shared their views on the changing landscape of security threats.

For practical steps you can take to remain secure, watch the webinar replay today.



Meet the team helping you keep us all safe

In a world where security matters, it’s good to understand who’s protecting you. So we wanted to introduce some of the innovative thinkers behind our cyber security solutions.

Konstantinos, Melanie and Amy are part of a multi-talented team making sure organisations like yours are protected like ours.

In central government, in the police – and here at BT – it’s the people that really make the difference. Watch our videos to discover how we take care of cyber security. So you can focus on what really matters. Taking care of us all.


Konstantinos Karagiannis
CTO and blockchain hacker

Ethical hacking can help prevent millions, or even billions, being lost to cyber crime. Konstantinos highlights how BT keeps ahead of the hackers.

“I spend my half my time breaking into banks! We identify any flaws in a banking system before the real criminals get in there.”


Melanie Johnstone
Head of Threat Intelligence

Good intelligence and insight are key to cyber security. Melanie explains how forecasting the trends in cyber crime gives you the time to prepare the right protection.

“Our customers received intelligence around WannaCry six weeks in advance. You can start to put plans in place before it hits you.”


Amy Lemberger
Head of Incident Response

Because BT protects its own business at the critical national infrastructure level, we’re unique in the scale of cyber security solutions we provide. Amy explains more.

“The biggest change in cyber security? It’s not actually about stealing anything from us. It’s about just stopping us being able to work.”



Over 2,500 security experts focused on protecting us and our customers

In an increasingly digital world, protecting sensitive personal information and systems is critical. And with digital transformation a top priority for the public sector, there’s never been a better time to talk seriously about security.

Danny Longbottom, Director of Local Government and Health, highlights how BT – rated Europe’s number one in security by IDC, the leading global market intelligence company – is at the forefront of delivering innovation in cyber security protection.

Security best practice – a practical guide. Download the report today

Protecting your central government or police organisation from the growing threat of cyber crime can be complex and challenging.

So the opportunity to draw on our knowledge and share in the experiences of organisations we work with shouldn’t be missed.

This report – published in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attack – looks at the key stages businesses go through to gain true leadership in managing security risks.

Downloading the report could be your first step towards total cyber security.


Your instant guide to keeping your network safe in future

As the threat of cyber crime grows every day, there’s no time to waste in protecting your central government or police organisation. Downloading BT’s ‘Future security’ whitepaper can give you a flying start.

Including both practical tips and detailed information, the whitepaper examines many of the threats we face in the digital world, and explores the latest innovations and approaches you can adopt to better protect your organisation now and in future.

Download the ‘Future security’ whitepaper today – and start shaping your future of cyber security.With a wide range of cyber security solutions you can benefit from, there’s no better time to download the ‘Future security’ whitepaper.


GDPR: Are you ready for the new data protection regulation?

In today’s digital economy, data security is more important than ever. Protecting highly confidential or sensitive information, like criminal records or financial details, has become even more critical with the launch of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our GDPR whitepaper explores how you can take a fresh look at your data security – and transform the challenge of GDPR into new opportunities.

And watching our GDPR webinar replay will give you a better understanding of GDPR and what you need to comply. Half an hour today can help you avoid huge risks.

Now’s the time to make sure your systems are watertight. We’ll help.

Digital transformation: watch the highlights from our recent roundtables

We look at the ways in which our own individual security has an impact on the organisations we work for.

Watch the videos and listen to the podcasts from our latest roundtable.



What are the key lessons to learn in the fight against cybercrime?

What opportunities do next generation technologies present to organisations? 

How do you turn the security conversation into a business enabler?


In this podcast our 3 security heroes talk about what makes them tick, the impact they have on customers and what drives them personally.


This full length podcast with our security heroes covers everything you need to know, from a BT perspective, about the critical national infrastructure we support

Watch the videos from our previous roundtable

Digital transformation:
The key to success or a security risk too far?

Cultural factors: Exploring how they affect security for organisations

Security: Understanding the biggest changes and how organisations can adapt


Get BT security alerts to stay ahead of the cyber criminals

Forward-thinking business leaders rely on the latest information to avoid being victims of cyber crime. To better protect BT and our customers, our threat intelligence team gathers and evaluates potential attack strategies around the clock.

Sign up today to get daily threat alerts sent straight to you from our expert security analysts.

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Products and services to protect your organisation


DDoS: Safeguard my reputation and revenue

Managing Denial of Service attacks in-house can be complex and costly. By working with us, we can stop attacks before they hit, and take away the worries and risks you face from DDoS.


Managed Firewall: Safeguard my network

Cyber attacks can strike at any time. Rely on our team of experts managing and monitoring your firewall around the clock, 365 days a year. It’s reassuring to be in safe hands.

Talk to us today about how we can protect your people and your organisation.