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Cyber security – you’re in safe hands

Taking cyber security seriously to keep your organisation safe

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Protect your business and your people

Our customers rely on our network. So we do everything in our power to ensure it’s safe. We employ over 2,500 security experts from a variety of backgrounds. Some of them may surprise you. From ethical hackers spotting the gaps in security that others might miss, to former police officers with a sixth sense in anticipating cyber crime.

Innovative thinking like this makes sure no stone is left unturned in the battle against threats to security. Today we’re giving you a glimpse of this expertise, to demonstrate that, like any successful organisation, it’s the people that really make the difference.

Take a look at our videos, articles and case studies, and take comfort that we’ll protect your business the way we do ours.

Protecting you – like we protect ourselves

Cyber crime is big news - and big business. As cyber attacks become even more sophisticated, it's vital to stay ahead of the criminals. Nobody wants to be the next business making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Our Embedded Security solutions weave data and digital best practice into the fabric of a company. Watch to find out more, and see how we can make your business safer.

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Meet the team keeping your businesses safer

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We’re taking security seriously

We have over 2,500 security experts working around the world, rising to the challenges of cyber criminals

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Konstantinos Karagiannis

When it comes to keeping ahead of the cyber criminals, it pays to have a former blockchain hacker in your team.

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Melanie Johnstone

With her background in policing, Melanie heads the team who search for potential threats to organisations.

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Amy Lemberger

Amy’s the Head of Incident Response and her team is tasked with fixing problems and threats.

Making Baxi Heating’s card payments even more secure

Watch how we helped Baxi Heating secure their card payment process and keep their customers safe.

Tailoring Embedded Security solutions to the way you work enables you to manage risk and secure what matters.

With almost half of UK businesses hit by cyber attacks last year, protecting your business and your people has never been so critical. We’re here to give you reassurance you can rely on.

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Focus on cyber security – or face heavy fines

The Local Government Association has highlighted the importance of more funding for local councils to fight cyber attacks.

And with digital transformation a top priority for the public sector, there’s never been a better time to talk seriously about security.

Danny Longbottom, Director of Local Government and Health, highlights how BT has unrivalled capabilities to protect your personal data and systems in this increasingly digital world.

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A practical guide to security

Protecting your business from the growing threat of cyber crime can be complex and challenging. Our new whitepaper – published in the wake of the WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks – makes it simpler to make plans and map things out.

Cyber security is a journey, with five key stages. By downloading the report, you can identify how far your business has come, where it’s heading – and how to avoid the pitfalls along the way.

In this report, we share our knowledge and experience of working with leading organisations. Download today – and take practical steps towards true leadership of managing security risks.

Digital transformation: learnings from our recent roundtables

We look at the ways in which our own individual security has an impact on the businesses we work for. Watch the videos and listen to the podcasts from our latest roundtable.

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Key lessons in the fight against cybercrime

Business leaders discuss their strategies for taking a collaborative approach to cybercrime.

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What opportunities will new technologies bring?

The panel discusses next-generation technologies and the opportunities – and security challenges – they bring.

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Can security be a business enabler?

The panel discusses bringing up the subject of business security at boardroom level.

Listen to the podcasts

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How our security affects you

Learn how our teams impact our customers directly.

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Working to keep you safe

Everything you need to know about the critical national infrastructure we support.

Watch the videos from our previous roundtable

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Digital transformation

The panel examines whether digital transformation is the key to success or a security risk too far.

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Cultural factors

It’s important to explore how certain cultural factors affect security for organisations.

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Understanding the biggest changes to security is vital for organisations if they want to adapt.

Products and services to protect your organisation

DDoS: Safeguard your reputation and revenue

Managing Denial of Service attacks in-house can be complex and costly. By working with us, we can stop attacks before they hit, and take away the worries and risks you face from DDoS.

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Managed Firewall: Safeguard your network

Cyber attacks can strike at any time. Rely on our team of experts managing and monitoring your firewall around the clock, 365 days a year. It’s reassuring to be in safe hands.

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