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The challenge for local government to do more with less has never been greater. Rising demand for services, combined with the pressure from central government to reduce costs, mean digital transformation isn’t just an ideal – it’s a necessity.

At the heart of becoming a truly digital organisation is unparalleled connectivity, bringing people, applications and places together to achieve more and reduce costs. And we have the people, experience and solutions to make this a reality for your organisation.

Our background, capabilities and expertise mean we can help you every step of your transformation to a digital organisation.

See digital transformation in action

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How can digital transformation help the public sector?

Find out what Colm O’Neill, Managing Director of Major and Public Sector, thinks about how your organisation can benefit from digital transformation.

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See how technology can help NHS trusts

Watch the video to see how a coherent IT infrastructure transformed the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust’s ways of working.

Brochures, ebooks and downloads

See how technology can help your organisation

Public sector matters

Discover how a digital organisation can improve operational effectiveness, reduce costs and make lives better. Our ebook highlights practical solutions for major steps on your digital journey.

Making healthcare better

Surging demand and squeezed budgets continue to pose new challenges for patients and staff. Our solutions are creating a new world of healthcare through digital transformation.

Your digital portfolio

Delivering cost-effectiveness under pressure is vital. Find out how we’re leading digital transformation in local government – and can help you improve services and reduce costs.

How is digital transformation changing the delivery of local public services?

A recent survey of local government managers found that 83% of them said that digital transformation was one of their top five priorities. See the full results here.

See the survey results [PDF: 446KB]

Meeting the challenges of digital transformation

Faster speeds, more bandwidth

Our IP Connect UK range offers a choice of access technologies, speeds and resilience options to fit with your organisation’s needs. As well as reducing costs, the right network solution can help you match capacity to demand.

Our cloud-based voice solutions

Balance the need for new services with your existing infrastructure investments. Our SIP Trunking solutions eliminate the need for separate phone lines, so you make immediate savings, while opening up opportunities to collaborate and work remotely.

Use the UK's largest mobile network

Cut travel costs and increase your effectiveness with mobile networking. Combined with our CESG-approved smartphones and tablets, and the latest mobility applications, your people have secure access to information wherever they are.

Learn about HSCN and BT

We’re working with The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) to help you transition across and become a digital organisation.

More on HSCN and BT

Redefining neighbourhoods: beyond austerity

We recently attended the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) Conference, sharing a video report called Redefining neighbourhoods: beyond austerity.

This programme explores what communities need to thrive in the future, and how BT can provide local authorities with a smooth digital transformation – delivering benefits such as cost-reduction, flexibility and improved community services.

Watch our videos to learn more about the report we prepared for the ITN/APSE documentary, and how we’re helping local government shape new digital solutions to make citizens’ lives better.

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Evolving the digital fabric of our neighbourhoods

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Improving operational effectiveness, reducing costs

See how digital transformation can help local councils drive better outcomes at lower cost.

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Sharing information with your people and your citizens

See what digital transformation means for local councils, their employees and their citizens.

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Streaming frontline services

See how digital transformation can empower employees to deliver better frontline services at lower cost.

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Local solutions from strong innovation

See how digital transformation is helping Milton Keynes Council make the lives of their residents better.