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Digital transformation is happening. Fast. According to analysts IDC, it’s at the centre of corporate strategy for over 80% of CEOs of FT 500 companies. Is your business ready?

Your network is the key. Your people, your data, your customers – connecting them is critical.

BT’s Digital Business capabilities seamlessly bring the cloud, network, data, and applications together. Simply and securely. Giving you the power to focus on delivering business value.

Digital technology is changing the way we all do business. To truly connect your people, data and customers, simply connect with us.


Discover the future of networking

New technology can bring your people closer together. Provide the solutions to engage your people and your customers. Empower your people to realise their full potential. It only takes one person to make this happen.

Watch our videos to find out how you – together with BT – can make the impossible possible. 


Empowering digital businesses

The future of networking, and you.


Engaging modern customers

Delivering customer engagement in a new way.


Doing more, for less

Delivering efficiency in a new way.


Embracing innovation

Delivering service in a new way.

Internet of Things and your business

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to transform your business.

We brought together CIOs from some well-known UK organisations, including Northumbrian Water, The National Trust and Go Ahead, to discuss how they’ve implemented IoT technology into their businesses, and the value it has unlocked for them.

As well as the impact internally, we also heard how IoT is being used to deliver important benefits to local communities – from improving public transport to tackling flooding and coastal erosion. Find out more by watching the roundtable discussions in the following videos, or by downloading the white paper.


Watch the IoT roundtable

IoT can help to evolve the businesses of the future.


How is IoT driving value?

Connecting your equipment can deliver big savings.


IoT and our network

See how our network supports IoT technology seamlessly.


IoT and new business models

IoT technology is creating many new opportunities.

How your business can benefit from IoT technology

At our recent Internet of Things (IoT) event, held at the Science Museum in London, a number of experts explored the potential for using new connections to transform everyday life.

Futurist and keynote speaker Ben Hammersley, plus an esteemed panel from both BT and Cisco, provided us with some valuable insights on how to turn big ideas into business advantage.

Take a look at highlights from the evening, introduced by event host David McClelland, Technology Journalist and Broadcaster.

Watch the highlights >

Keynote speech from Ben Hammersley

Renowned futurist and technologist, Ben Hammersley, explores digital disruption and the possibilities it brings.


Creating a connected world

Watch our team explain how businesses like yours can take advantage of the opportunities provided by IoT technologies.

IoT – answering the burning questions

See our expert panel share some fascinating IoT insights and answer questions from leading industry figures.


Supporting your journey of digital transformation

Digital technology empowers today’s business world. Things are moving forward, fast. Now is not the time to be left behind.

Colm O’Neill, Managing Director of Major and Public Sector, highlights how BT is ready to help your business meet the increasing demands to better connect your people, data and customers.

We’ll take away the complexity – and the headache – of digital transformation. So you can rely on the ease and simplicity of a true digital-ready network.

Watch Colm explain further:


Dynamic network services for your business

Ready to open up incredible new opportunities, today and in future? Steve Masters, BT VP for Customer Innovation, reveals how in our white paper ‘Dispelling the myth: future networks’.

Don’t leave your digital transformation to chance. Rely on the experts.

Our whitepaper recommends ways to analyse your business and better understand how you can prepare for what’s ahead. Plus practical tips on turning challenges into opportunities.

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