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Delivering the Digital Business network to connect your people, data and customers

Digital transformation is happening. Fast. According to analysts IDC, it’s at the centre of corporate strategy for over 80% of CEOs of FT 500 companies. Is your business ready?

Your network is the key. Your people, your data, your customers – connecting them is critical.

BT’s Digital Business capabilities seamlessly bring the cloud, network, data, and applications together. Simply and securely. Giving you the power to focus on delivering business value.

Digital technology is changing the way we all do business. To truly connect your people, data and customers, simply connect with us.

Discover the future of networking

New technology can bring your people closer together. Provide the solutions to engage your people and your customers. Empower your people to realise their full potential. It only takes one person to make this happen.

Watch our videos to find out how you – together with BT – can make the impossible possible. 


The future of networking, and you


Delivering customer engagement in a new way


Delivering efficiency in a new way


Delivering service in a new way

Take control of your digital transformation

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for insights from industry-leading analyst Eric Owen

39% of CEOs put digital transformation at the top of the boardroom agenda. Join our keynote speaker Eric Owen from IDC to discover what it could mean for your business.

How can you make the most of digital transformation? How can you bridge the old world and the new? How do you remove complexity and control the speed of change on your terms?

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Increasing performance through connected thinking

In challenging environments where split-seconds make the difference between success and failure, trying new solutions can give a massive competitive advantage.

Combining the power of connectivity and big data offers a real boost. It can even result in faster sailing.

See how we’ve helped the Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing team keep their people better connected from ship to shore and beyond.


Solutions built around today’s business needs

Businesses are increasingly using the cloud as a core element of their IT delivery. To respond quickly, reliably, cost-effectively and securely to operational highs and lows, look to the cloud.



IP Connect UK

Connect to different sites with different needs. Locally and around the UK. In the fastest, most efficient way. With IP Connect UK. For everyday services and strategic success, it’s the platform that delivers.


BT Cloud Compute

Create, deploy, monitor and manage perfectly tailored cloud solutions to meet the practical challenges of your market. You get the tools, the resources and – crucially – the flexibility through your own self-service portal.


BT Cloud Connect Direct

So much depends on your cloud connection. So don’t leave it to chance. Cloud Connect Direct links straight from your private network to cloud providers. To deliver improved performance, reliability and security.


BT SIP Trunk

Make your data network work harder. Use it to make calls. With no need for separate phone lines, you can save money – plus take your numbers if you move, divert calls in an emergency, and market your business locally.


Supporting every step of your digital transformation journey

Digital technology empowers today’s business world. Things are moving forward, fast. Now is not the time to be left behind.

Colm O’Neill, Managing Director of Major and Public Sector, highlights how BT is ready to help your business meet the increasing demands to better connect your people, data and customers.

We’ll take away the complexity – and the headache – of digital transformation. So you can rely on the ease and simplicity of a true digital-ready network.

Create a new business model for more efficient working

Ready to open up incredible new opportunities, today and in future? Steve Masters, BT VP for Customer Innovation, reveals how in our white paper ‘Dispelling the myth: future networks’.

Don’t leave your digital transformation to chance. Rely on the experts.

We’ll give you ways to analyse your business and better understand how you can prepare for what’s ahead. Plus practical tips on turning challenges into opportunities in our clear step-by-step guide.

Your first step is to download the white paper (PDF 5.1MB).

Talk to us today about how we can help keep your people connected tomorrow.