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Unlock the potential of your people with our Digital Employee capabilities

The digital age is opening up more opportunities than ever.

But with those opportunities come new challenges. People are better connected than ever, 24/7.

And they expect you to be, too. You need to help your people to be as effective as they can be.

We can help unlock their potential – using our latest Digital Employee capabilities – to help you discover new ways of working. It’s all about improving and expanding the ways your people can get together.


68% of people want better collaboration tools

Our technology has given Williams Martini Racing, one of the world’s leading F1 teams, the edge that saves them vital seconds on race day.

The secret to being in pole position is working together effectively as a team.

See how we’ve helped them race to the top.

How can we help you thrive in a world of connectivity?

The key to success in an increasingly connected world is efficient, effective collaboration. Making it easy for your people to work together increases productivity, reduces costs, and leads to more creative, smarter outcomes.

We work with industry-leading partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Dolby to offer you the widest choice of on-site and cloud-based communications solutions to help improve the way you work.

Here are just three of them -

  • BT One Cloud Cisco – easy and seamless integration with your current communications system. Maximise value from your existing IT, with the flexibility to upgrade at your pace.
  • BT One Cloud Microsoft – gives your employees the freedom to collaborate the way they want to while keeping costs down.
  • BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice – the highest quality audio conferencing service available. Clarity, precision, and exceptional spatial audio.

Investing in digital technology and innovation can help you thrive in a new digital world. It’s the key to improving efficiency and productivity, and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Talk to us today about how we can help improve the way you work tomorrow.