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What is the HSCN?

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) will provide a reliable and efficient way for health and social care organisations to access and exchange information.

 We’re delighted to be an accredited Consumer Network Service Provider (CNSP) and we’re committed to helping our customers with the transition to the HSCN.

Our new catalogue of simple-to-procure network solutions make sure that health and social care professionals can access the right information at the right time, no matter where they’re working.

We have years of experience delivering complex services to health and social care organisations, experience that you can rely on to help you migrate seamlessly to the HSCN.



Connectivity in the NHS

We worked with iGov to commission a survey to find out what factors are driving the IT strategy of NHS organisations.

Moving from N3 to HSCN is having a big impact across all organisations. But some are further along on the journey than others.

Collaboration, mobility and doing more for less are all key priorities. And, not surprisingly, doing this securely is a concern across all organisations surveyed.

To find out more about connectivity in the NHS, watch our video today. Plus get the full picture by reading our report and seeing key results in our infographic.


HSCN Summit South

We recently attended the HSCN Summit South event at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London.

We spoke to lots of organisations, big and small, about their digital transformation plans and their biggest HSCN challenges. You can get a flavour for the day here.



Moving from N3 SP to HSCN

N3 SP contract arrangements finished earlier this year. But don’t worry: your existing service can continue without interruption until you migrate to HSCN services.

We’re taking care of all that and we’ll continue to support your existing services or until you’re ready to migrate. You can trust us to make your migration to the HSCN simple, straightforward, and successful.  

We’ll migrate you seamlessly using our fibre network, the most extensive in the country.

Beyond the network

Moving to the HSCN brings new possibilities for the digital transformation of health and social care

Choose BT for your move to the HSCN and we’ll not only take away all the hassle for you – leaving you to focus on what you do best, the important stuff – we can also extend your network reach using -

  • The largest fibre network in the UK
  • The biggest, fastest mobile network in the UK
  • The UK’s largest Wi-Fi network

But BT and the HSCN isn’t just about migrating you to the UK’s most comprehensive network, we’re also leaders in how you access and use that network.

We work with world-class partners to make sure you get to use the best tools and devices, to make lives better -

  • Mobile devices
  • Clinical and other apps
  • Hosted cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and cloud-based voice systems

Our phased approach to digital transformation

Phase 1

1. HSCN Network catalogue

2. Collaboration and audio conferencing services

3. Managed video conferencing services

4. Hosted cloud voice service

Phase 2

1. NerveCentre workflow

2. BT Mobile - including devices

3. TotalMobile workflow

4. Remote access for HSCN

Phase 3

1. HSCN cloud connectivity (Azure/Office 365)

2. Managed Wi-Fi

3. BT & EE Mobile voice and data

4. Managed cloud security

Beyond Phase 3

We'll continue to invest and innovate to further enhance the products and services we offer to our health and government customers.

We're here to help. Give us a call on

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Get a copy of our new catalogue

Heath and social care is changing. And so are we. We’re delighted to become a Consumer Network Service Provider (CNSP).  

The new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is designed to support the integration and transformation of health and social care services: a secure, reliable network for the effective flow of information between people and organisations.

Download our comprehensive new catalogue now.



Watch our HSCN webinar

We hosted a web-based presentation on 29 June 2017 where we outlined how we’re responding to the opportunities presented by the Health and Social Care Network.

You can listen to the recording here.




Why BT? The Health story

Digital has changed everything for health care organisations.

Our technology is already supporting health and care organisations to make lives better. We understand the pressures to reduce costs while meeting the rising demand for high quality healthcare.

See how we can help you provide higher quality healthcare.





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