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Infinity Essential is our lowest cost business fibre broadband, giving you faster speeds than you’re getting with standard broadband. 

Infinity Essential comes with –

  • Download speeds up to 52Mbps

  • Upload speeds up to 9.5Mbps

  • Monthly usage limit of 25GB

  • 10 email addresses and 50MB of web space

  • 24/7 technical support

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We asked over 900 customers to tell us about the difference that fibre makes to their business over standard broadband.

Over 75% said that using fibre has helped them achieve their business goals. 77% are convinced that fibre helps them deliver a better experience for their customers. And 73% reckon that the extra speed of fibre means that they get more done.

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Drink wine in Cornish hotel, talk to winemaker in New Zealand

Driftwood Spars is a 4-star B&B, restaurant, and microbrewery next to the beach in St Agnes, on the west coast of Cornwall.

Thanks to video conferencing, Louise Treseder’s guests can enjoy a meal and simultaneously hear first-hand about their wine from the people who made it, like Gordon Russell of Esk Valley Wines in New Zealand. 

Read the full Driftwood Spars case study.

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