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To create an effective and efficient armed forces base you need the tools that will help staff connect quickly, understand clearly, and act decisively. You need access to real time information whenever, wherever.

Digital technology has the power to transform. The right technology can deliver unprecedented levels of collaboration and mobility, while also keeping your costs down. As a digitally connected base, you’ll have the innovation and integration that’s so important to the MoD right now. You’ll get the right information to the right place at the right time – quickly, clearly and securely.

Why is a digitally connected base so important?

  • You’ll get more done
  • You’re less likely to miss vital information
  • You’ll have greater flexibility when delivering training
  • You’ll free yourself from paperwork
  • It’s resilient and secure

An efficient, and effective core infrastructure

We believe Defence Business Internet (DBI) is the best first step in your digital transformation journey. It’s a fully-managed, business-grade wi-fi solution, designed specifically for the MoD and already used by over 100 UK Armed Forces bases.

Defence Business Internet

DBI can help free up your people to get their jobs done, even when they’re away from their desks. Use the same details to log on securely at any connected DBI site, using any device. It gives you secure, resilient flexible working both on and off the base, with free access to from over 5m wi-fi hotspots.


Working together on your digital transformation journey

With the right infrastructure supporting you, we can work together to determine the most beneficial next steps on your digital transformation journey.

  • Create a more agile and operationally effective base

  • Keep your recruits informed and engaged

  • Train recruits wherever they are

  • Use business process apps to reduce man-hours and paperwork

  • Use secure apps when accessing or sharing personal or restricted information.

Our site survey, and secure app discovery session will help you decide where you want to take your digital transformation journey.

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