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Protect personal data better with our quick and easy guide to GDPR

GDPR. Four initials have rarely meant so much to how a business works. The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation means we all need to take a good look at our processes and procedures and make sure they’re watertight. Because missing the boat could prove very costly indeed.

The laws on protecting personal data change in May 2018, so now’s the perfect time to get a step ahead. Get ready for the rule change with our quick and easy guide to what’s new. And find a better way to protect your customer data today.

Read GDPR guide

EE and the NHS: Together saving lives (and money) with smartphones

Drawing on the power and unbeatable coverage of EE’s 4G network, we’re helping the NHS revolutionise the treatment of heart conditions.

In this ground-breaking initiative, a pioneering new app is being used by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Effectively giving their GPs a portable heart monitor in their pocket.

In situations where every second is vital, find out how the speed of EE’s 4G network is helping save time, money and – above all – lives.

Read NHS case study from EE

BlackBerry KEYone: Dare to be different, and discover a new way to work on the move

With the launch of the new KEYone, BlackBerry is back.

This business smartphone is packed full of features – making it advanced yet simpler to use. BlackBerry has re-imagined the iconic keyboard it’s famous for. And by combining it with the latest in smart touchscreen technology, the BlackBerry KEYone may offer the best of both worlds.

Could this be a better way to do business on the move? Take a look at the EE review to find out if this new BlackBerry is the one for you.

Read the KEYone review on EE

First and fastest: EE blazes a trail with 5G

EE – now part of the BT Group – provides 4G in more places than any other UK network today. And to keep our network future-proofed, EE is continually thinking ahead for the businesses of tomorrow.

Will 5G be the next leap forwards? Recently EE carried out the UK’s first ever end-to-end 5G network test. With ground-breaking results.

You’ll be blown away by the download speeds. With 5G, the future of business is heading our way – fast.

See 5G showcase on EE Newsroom

BTnet and Cisco Meraki: Stronger wi-fi building stronger connections

Relationships are certainly important at Maria Mallaband Care Homes. Close ties between the carers, the residents and their families really have a positive effect on the quality of life for everyone.

BTnet and Cisco Meraki had the answer. The powerful, far-reaching wi-fi solution actually brought everybody much closer together.

Families could stay in touch more easily. And carers had more freedom to provide expert support wherever it was needed. Watch the video to discover the difference made by BTnet and Cisco Meraki wi-fi.

Maria Mallaband – the full story

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